Kate Sammler at Contrivers’ Review on The Birth of Territory

Kate Sammler at Contrivers’ Review on The Birth of Territory. A broadly positive review though there are complaints about too many “details and tangential political thoughts” and ends with the suggestion that “derivative” and “distilled” summaries might be needed to reach a wider audience.

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Top posts on Progressive Geographies this week

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The Mechanics of Research Production – some interesting writing advice at Daily Nous

The Mechanics of Research Production – some interesting writing discussion and advice at Daily Nous. This isn’t just relevant to philosophy.

There are many little everyday steps leading up to the production of a philosophical manuscript. Charles Rathkopf (CUNY) writes in asking philosophers about “the daily habits of routine research.”

Do they take notes on paper, then transfer to a computer? Does anyone still try to write anything substantial with pen and paper? What bibliographic system is best? Do people keep pdfs of the papers they read on their computer? Or just save the references? Do people use comment functions in pdf readers? Do they keep physical copies of the papers they read? What software do people like to use for note-taking? For writing articles? How do people deal with logical notation?

 Some of these questions have been addressed here at Daily Nous, with posts about writing and reference software (and just a few week’s into DN’s existence we conducted a little poll about when people write). But people are welcome to revisit these questions and the others Rathkopf lists, and we can add further ones that might be of interest:

Discussion continues here – most of the comments are worth a look.

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Kent Summer School in Critical Theory – 29 June-10 July 2015


The Kent Summer School in Critical Theory (KSSCT) is a rare opportunity for doctoral students and early career researchers to work intensively with a leading critical scholar in their field. Applicants are welcomed from all critical disciplinary perspectives.

The school will be held in Paris this summer, 29 June to 10 July 2015.

The school will take the form of two parallel intensive 2-​week seminars. One, “Inventing Law”, will be led by Professor Peter Goodrich (Cardozo, USA) and the other, “From Democracy to Fascism”, by Professor Davide Tarizzo (Salerno, Italy). We are excited to be able to offer junior scholars the chance to work with these renown critical thinkers. For more information on each seminar, please see the website, kssct​.org.

In addition to the intensive seminars, there will be several lectures by the seminar teachers, as well as special guests Professors Geoffrey Bennington, Davina Cooper, and Roberto Esposito. We are pleased to announce that full lecture information can now be found on the website.

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New Perspectives Interdisciplinary Journal of Central and Eastern European Politics & IR

NP_FlyerNew Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Journal of Central and Eastern European Politics & International Relations – relaunch of a journal.

Flyer and call for papers.

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Radical Philosophy 190 – new issue out

189cover_weboptimisedRadical Philosophy 190 – new issue out. Includes a review essay of Negt and Kluge’s History and Obstinacy, among other things.

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Antonio Negri, The hope of the democratic monster, between Syriza and Podemos

Antonio Negri, The hope of the democratic monster, between Syriza and Podemos – thanks to dmfant for the link.

“A spectre is haunting Europe”. The Italian newspaper Il Manifesto used this headline a few days ago for its homepage, commenting on the visits of Tsipras and Varoufakis to European governments. A real nightmare for the ordoliberal Germans, a Geisterfahrer, to be precise, a suicidal conductor looking to collide with the European bus, as Der Spiegel described on its front pageImagine what could happen with the victory of Podemos in Spain: what a magnificent spectre would then be seen lurking about, a real monster created by the exploited and the productive forces of the fourth European economy! In just a few weeks, election rounds will begin in Spain, and the mantra of the European governments will be repeated, with double the force, in an attempt to frighten Spanish citizens. Let us prepare ourselves. With the certainty that the arrogance of the bad omens of this propaganda will be defeated. But in the meantime, let us prepare ourselves: What could Podemos say about Europe? (more here)

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