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Melancology conference

This is one of the more unusual conference calls I’ve seen in a while… A new word is required that conjoins ‘black’ and ‘ecology’: melancology, a word in which can be heard the melancholy affect appropriate to the conjunction. … Continue reading

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Iraq war legal advice published

The legal advice given to Tony Blair in the run-up to the Iraq war makes for interesting reading. In a 2007 piece I discussed the shifts between memos prepared by Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, on 7th and 17th March 2003. … Continue reading

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Paul Ennis has a post about his nearly completed book Continental Realism (nice title, and interesting t.o.c.) Graham Harman has a fascinating post about reading, note-taking, planning, writing and editing here. I don’t work much like this – for a start, I … Continue reading

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New Geographies

Many people will know that of the US Ivy League institutions only Dartmouth College still has a geography programme. But Harvard’s Graduate School of Design has been putting out some interesting issues of a new journal entitled New Geographies. Geography … Continue reading

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Descartes on Hobbes

Hobbes didn’t impress everyone. From a letter Descartes wrote to Mersenne on Hobbes. unless I am very much mistaken, he is aiming to make his reputation at my expense, and by dishonest means (The Correspondence Volume I, 100). He then … Continue reading

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If this letter from me is untimely, you may punish me by not replying: I shall be satisfied simply to have expressed my feelings towards you. I think I have read most of your works, partly in separate volumes and … Continue reading

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Academic labours

A major piece of editing and translating work is Thomas Hobbes, The Correspondence Volume I: 1622-1659, and Volume II: 1660-1679, edited by Noel Malcolm, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994. The correspondence was previously only available in part, but Malcolm gathered all … Continue reading

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