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Development Dialogue new issue

Special issue on The End of the Development-Security Nexus? The Rise of Global Disaster Management – freely available. Stephen Graham, David Chandler, Mark Duffield, Julian Reid et. al.

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You may have noticed that there are new adverts on this site. This is a change from WordPress. If they are annoying; change how you view the site – or even make you not want to visit; or other issues … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek, David Horowitz, Julian Assange

‘This was madness’. Indeed. Via the Verso blog.

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Security Dispositifs

Interesting conference in Freiburg in a couple of weeks – For about a decade, issues of security have been high on the agenda of societal debate. The social sciences and the humanities have been quick to analyze the impacts of … Continue reading

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Send to Kindle

This is a helpful guide of how to send documents to your Kindle or Kindle app on phones, iPads, etc. Basically there is an email address unique to your Kindle account, and you can mail things to it, or you … Continue reading

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The Winter’s Tale and Henry V

I spent the last two evenings at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, seeing the Propeller company do The Winter’s Tale and Henry V. They are an all-male company, which leads to some interesting scenes, though I thought it worked better for … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Biblioklept:
From John Steinbeck’s 1969 “interview” in The Paris Review (the piece reads more like a series of short writings than a conventional interview): ON GETTING STARTED It is usual that the moment you write for publication—I mean one of…

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