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Territory and Risk

Two interesting looking collections, edited by Valérie November. More details here, and in the video she talks about the work. A paper on this topic in Society and Space, co-authored with Eduardo Camacho-Hübner and Bruno Latour, entitled “Entering a Risky … Continue reading

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Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets melting

The Guardian has a gallery of striking images of Greenland and Antarctica ice sheet melt.

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All over the world

ClustrMaps, which this blog uses to track where visitors are from, cleared my two-year old map and started a new one a month ago. In that month there were just over 10,000 discrete visits – only counting people who visited … Continue reading

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Interview with Erik Swyngedouw

Clip from a longer interview with Erik Swyngedouw – thanks to Kenton Card for the link.  

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Interview with Jodi Dean

Jodi Dean’s The Communist Horizonis getting quite a lot of attention. Figure/Ground Communication has an interview with her here.

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Rhythm of Capital – Reading Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis

A blog entitled Rhythm of Capital – Reading Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis provides lots of videos of rhythms to exemplify some of Lefebvre’s themes. It’s run by students of New Media at University of Amsterdam. I was pointed to this site by … Continue reading

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Postgraduate Funding Opportunities at Durham

Details of the Durham Doctoral Studentships and ESRC studentships – the most common funding schemes used in Human Geography – are available here. Details of the department’s programmes, research topics, etc. are available here.

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