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Review essay on Terror and Territory (in Portuguese)

Thanks to Paulo Jorge Vieira for alerting me to this new review essay of my 2009 book Terror and Territory in the Brazilian journal Geografares by Márcio José Mendonça. About these ads

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Ice Law project website launched

A couple of weeks ago I said a little about The IBRU Workshop on International Law, State Sovereignty, and the Ice-Land-Water Interface that I attended back in Durham. The plan is that all participants to the workshop write a short summary … Continue reading

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Judith Butler reviews Jacques Derrida, The Death Penalty Volume I

In the London Review of Books, Judith Butler reviews Jacques Derrida, The Death Penalty Volume I.

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Deborah Cowen – The Deadly Life of Logistics

Originally posted on Society and Space – Environment and Planning D:
Society and Space editor Deborah Cowen’s new book, The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade is forthcoming from University of Minnesota Press in September 2014.  A…

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IBRU Relaunched as Centre for Borders Research

On its 25th anniversary, IBRU, formerly the Durham University’s International Boundaries Research Unit, has been relaunched as Durham University’s Centre for Borders Research. Although past and current clients of IBRU’s consulting and training services likely will see little difference (aside from…

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New issue of Radical Philosophy, including discussion of the politics of translation

A new issue of Radical Philosophy is out, including a very interesting discussion of the politics of translation. The specific case is Hegel, and the new Terry Pinkard translation of the Phenomenology of Spirit, but the issues raised go beyond this … Continue reading

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Foucault’s major works to appear in a Pléiade edition

Foucault’s major works – his sole-authored books, plus some articles – will appear in a two-volume collection in 2015 as a prestigious Pléiade edition. Thanks to Colin Gordon for alerting me to the news. Frédéric Gros is interviewed about this here (in French). Among … Continue reading

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L’Usage des plaisirs et Le Souci de soi de Michel Foucault. Regards critiques 1984-1987 (2014)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
L’Usage des plaisirs et Le Souci de soi de Michel Foucault. Regards critiques 1984-1987 coédition PUC – IMEC, Juillet 2014 Dossier coordonné par Luca Paltrinieri. Textes choisis et présentés par Philippe Artières, Jean-François Bert, Sandra…

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Globe, Governmentality, Geometrics – poster for my Groningen lecture in September

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Top ten posts on Progressive Geographies this week

How powerful is your passport? – infographic Nine critical theory books from June Embedding Agamben’s Critique of Foucault: The Theological and Pastoral Origins of Governmentality (2014) Novels read in the first half of 2014 Five apps I find really useful … Continue reading

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