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“Foucault insults the police”, photo from 1972

“Foucault insults the police”, photograph by Elie Kagan from 17 January 1972, in Michel Foucault – Une journée particulière. It seems this photo was taken only moments after a much more famous one with Foucault, Deleuze and Sartre – such as appears here. The book … Continue reading

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Books received – review work recompense from Ashgate, Palgrave, Polity, UGa Press, UM Press

I did a lot of review work for presses while I was away, and these are the books received in recompense. These tend to be books for future projects – especially here the Shakespearean Territories one – and for general … Continue reading

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Books received – Chamayou, Kotef, Smirl, Shakespeare, Heidegger, Kluge and Negt

Some more books – these are ones I bought, with the exception of Hagar Kotef’s Movement and the Ordering of Freedom: On Liberal Governances of Mobility, which was sent by the publisher. The others include Lisa Smirl’s posthumous Spaces of Aid, Kluge … Continue reading

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Books received – Foucault project

Some more books for the Foucault work, including some for reference which I’ve read before, but also some others that came out recently.  

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Archive of a Radical Geographer: Neil Smith’s Papers – interview with Don Mitchell by Zoltán Glück

Archive of a Radical Geographer: Neil Smith’s Papers – interview with Don Mitchell by Zoltán Glück from 2014. ZOLTÁN GLÜCK: I’d like to start by asking about what you’ve been doing here at CUNY this year. What is happening with … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Meric Gertler, University of Toronto from Geography and Planning Community

Open Letter to Meric Gertler, president of University of Toronto from Geography and Planning Community. If you would like to add your signature to this letter, please email Signatories are in alphabetical order, and more are being added.

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Books received – Foucault in Actes and Revue Rodeo

Three issues of the journal Actes – all relating to Foucault: Nos 24-25, 54 and 73; along with the issue of Revue Rodéo from 2013 which has the previously largely-unknown 1979 interview between Foucault and Farès Sassine. That interview, originally published in … Continue reading

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Lefebvre, Rhythmanalysis – in Persian

I’ve been sent copies of Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis, which has been translated into Persian by Aidin Torkameh. As I understand it, it’s a translation of the English edition which Gerald Moore and I translated, rather than directly from the French, … Continue reading

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Tom Sparrow, Plastic Bodies – with preface by Catherine Malabou – in print or open access e-book

Tom Sparrow’s Plastic Bodies: Rebuilding Sensation After Phenomenology, with a preface by Catherine Malabou, is available in print or as an open access e-book (via Object-Orientated Philosophy). Sensation is a concept with a conflicted philosophical history. It has found as many allies as … Continue reading

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In the Meantime reviewed

Originally posted on Society and space:
Ella Harris reviews Sarah Sharma’s In the Meantime: Temporality and Cultural Politics. The book came out last year with Duke University Press and further information about it can be found here.

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