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“Interview with Stuart Elden” at Groundwork

Another interview with me, conducted by Jordan Skinner, has been published at the Groundwork site – a blog run by past and present students of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University. It ranges widely across … Continue reading

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Next things to do

The manuscript for The Birth of Territory, the image files and all the permissions paperwork went to University of Chicago Press yesterday. Of course, there are still copy-editing queries, proofs, index, cover discussions, marketing questionnaires and so on to come, but … Continue reading

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Political Geology in Lancaster

I gave a very short version of my “Fossils” talk at the Political Geology: Stratigraphies of Power workshop at Lancaster University yesterday. A very interesting event and the beginning of some useful discussions. It reinvigorated my interest in a project I’d rather … Continue reading

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Political Geology: Stratigraphies of Power

I’ll be speaking at a conference on Political Geology: Stratigraphies of Power on 21 June at Lancaster University  - I’ll be giving an abbreviated version of the ‘Fossils’ paper I gave in Canberra and Macau last year. Thanks to Kathryn Yusoff … Continue reading

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Another Leibniz – paper

I think I may have finished – at least for now – my Leibniz paper. Or at least, time for some other people to see it. I’ll be giving a version of this at the AAG in February, and it will … Continue reading

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If you have a spare $5000

A first edition of the Protogaea is for sale here.

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Leibniz and geography

Despite my Shakespearean distractions at the weekend, I had some time late last week and today to return to the ‘Another Leibniz’ paper I last worked on properly in September. The paper is something of a survey of Leibniz’s non-standard … Continue reading

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Justin E.H. Smith on Fossils as an Epistemological Problem

Interesting abstract for a paper here. Smith is the author of the excellent Divine Machines: Leibniz and the Sciences of Life, which I’ve mentioned here before. While Smith’s interest in fossils, at least in this paper, looks at epistemology, and … Continue reading

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Elster on Leibniz and capitalism

I first read Jon Elster as an undergraduate – Barbara Goodwin recommended his books Sour Grapes and Ulysses and the Sirens in her political theory class. Elster is also known as an analytical Marxist in works like Making Sense of … Continue reading

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Foucault, Fossils and Leibniz

Three good days in the British Library rare books room. First up was Daniel Defert, Philippe Artières, Laurent Quéro and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel, Le groupe d’information sur les prisons: Archives d’une lutte, 1970-1972, so that I can offer some thoughts on … Continue reading

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