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Geographica Helvetica – open access from 1 January 2015

This is good news – Geographica Helvetica will be open access for both new work and all the archives from 1st January 2015. I’ve been on the board of this journal for the past few years and it’s published some … Continue reading

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Books received (4 of 4)

New issues of journals – TCS, RIPE, Geographica Helvetica, RIS, The Professional Geographer, Society and Space, Annals of the AAG, and British Academy Review.

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Books received – Foucault, Anderson, Sloterdijk, Geographica Helvetica

The latest Foucault lecture course La société punitive; Sloterdijk’s Nietzsche Apostle; Perry Anderson’s Lineages of the Absolutist State (the only one of my ten books that stayed with me that I didn’t actually own); and the new issue of Geographica … Continue reading

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Thinkers’ Corner – Jean Gottmann, The Significance of Territory in Geographica Helvetica

The first 2013 issue of Geographica Helvetica included my assessment of Jean Gottmann’s The Significance of Territory, forty years since it was published. The piece is now available open access here.

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Books received

Amin and Thrift’s Arts of the Political; two old books by Elizabeth Grosz; the latest Sloterdijk books in English and German; the new Foucault lecture course; John Protevi’s Life, War, Earth (which I wrote an endorsement for); and the new … Continue reading

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Books received

Another few books received – Mark Blyth’s Austerity; Paul Virilio’s The Art of the Motor; Audrea Lim’s collection The Case for Sanctions Against Israel; the new issue of Geographica Helvetica; and two manuscripts to review.

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Leibniz paper forthcoming in Geographica Helvetica

My paper on Leibniz, now under the title ‘Leibniz and Geography: Geologist, Palaeontologist, Biologist, Historian, Political Theorist and Geopolitician’ is forthcoming with Geographica Helvetica. Given that journal’s remit of crossing between linguistic traditions, it is a fitting home for a … Continue reading

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Jean Gottmann – The Significance of Territory

The editors of Geographica Helvetica have asked me to contribute a short piece to their relaunch issue. They asked me to write a piece on past geographical text, reevaluating its contemporary worth and relevance. This is for one of the … Continue reading

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Les fabriques des “géographies” – Making academic geographies in Europe

Geographica Helvetica Symposium Les fabriques des “géographies” – Making academic geographies in Europe 19 October 2012 ; Fribourg, Switzerland The conference marks the re-launching of Geographica Helvetica (the Swiss Journal of Geography) Conference Organisers: Benedikt Korf (Zürich), Ola Söderström & Francisco … Continue reading

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Geographica Helvetica relaunch

The venerable Swiss geography journal Geographica Helvetica is being relaunched next year with a new editorial team – Francisco Klauser, Ola Söderström and Benedikt Korf. I’ve accepted an invitation to be part of the new editorial board. The plan is … Continue reading

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