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Some links on the situation in Gaza – and Verso’s The Case for Sanctions Against Israel free to download

The desperate situation on Gaza continues… some things worth reading, as something of a balance to the mainstream media The Funambulist has had some excellent analysis, in word and image by Léopold Lambert  – clicking the map below takes to … Continue reading

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Ed Cohen on The Productive Body and La société punitive in the LARB

Ed Cohen reviews Francois Guéry and Didier Deleule’s The Productive Body and Foucault’s La société punitive in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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Top ten posts on Progressive Geographies this week

Special Issue on Ranciere What is neoliberalism? Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 12 Bruno Latour – Some advantages of the notion of “Critical Zone” for Geopolitics Guattari, Felix 2012 Schizoanalytic Cartographies, reviewed by Thomas Jellis Foucault’s Last Decade Peter Sloterdijk, … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour – Some advantages of the notion of “Critical Zone” for Geopolitics

An intriguing short piece by Bruno Latour – ‘Some advantages of the notion of “Critical Zone” for Geopolitics’ – available to download from his website. Abstract: The relatively new concept of “critical zones”, much like that of the “Anthropocene”, signals … Continue reading

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Open access report on Drone Strikes in Afghanistan

A new report published finds that despite Afghanistan being the most heavily drone-bombed country in the world, the reporting of air strikes is far less comprehensive than in other theatres. Commissioned by Remote Control, a project hosted by Oxford Research Group, The … Continue reading

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Review essay on Terror and Territory (in Portuguese)

Thanks to Paulo Jorge Vieira for alerting me to this new review essay of my 2009 book Terror and Territory in the Brazilian journal Geografares by Márcio José Mendonça.

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Ice Law project website launched

A couple of weeks ago I said a little about The IBRU Workshop on International Law, State Sovereignty, and the Ice-Land-Water Interface that I attended back in Durham. The plan is that all participants to the workshop write a short summary … Continue reading

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New issue of Radical Philosophy, including discussion of the politics of translation

A new issue of Radical Philosophy is out, including a very interesting discussion of the politics of translation. The specific case is Hegel, and the new Terry Pinkard translation of the Phenomenology of Spirit, but the issues raised go beyond this … Continue reading

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Globe, Governmentality, Geometrics – poster for my Groningen lecture in September

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Jennifer Bagelman and Sarah Marie Wiebe on the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

My ex-Durham colleague Jennifer Bagelman and Sarah Marie Wiebe discuss the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project in The New York Times. They suggest the pipeline would function more as a border than a gateway: If completed, this border would cut across indigenous territory, … Continue reading

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