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New issue of Radical Philosophy, including discussion of the politics of translation

A new issue of Radical Philosophy is out, including a very interesting discussion of the politics of translation. The specific case is Hegel, and the new Terry Pinkard translation of the Phenomenology of Spirit, but the issues raised go beyond this … Continue reading

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Completing other tasks – returning to the Foucault’s Last Decade project

Over the past few months I’ve taken a break from the Foucault work, due to other commitments. Some of these were related to The Birth of Territory. One was an author response to ‘critics’ from the session on the book at the Association of American … Continue reading

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Marc Lombardo, Critique of Sovereignty, Book I – forthcoming from Punctum Books

Critique of Sovereignty, Book I: Contemporary Theories of Sovereignty by Marc Lombardo – forthcoming from Punctum books Using the Western tradition of metaphysical and political thought as a backdrop, Critique of Sovereignty (a work in 4 volumes) re-examines the concept of sovereignty in order … Continue reading

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Linda Olson, Guide to Academic and Scientific Publication – open access book

Proof Reading Services have made what looks like a useful guide to publication available online.

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“the frustrations and the pleasures of editing”

David Scott Kastan on “the frustrations and the pleasures of editing” – for him a play, but much of this works more generally: We too often think of editing as an activity that is mechanical and objective; it is neither. Even … Continue reading

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Getting Published Masterclass and chairing Ian Kershaw

Very enjoyable day at the Getting Published Masterclass, sponsored by the British Academy and organised by my colleague Christopher Moran. A real privilege to introduce and chair Ian Kershaw‘s keynote on ‘a life in writing’. As I said at the … Continue reading

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A Conversation between Stuart Elden and Babette Babich – Fordham University video

A Conversation between Stuart Elden and Babette Babich A long discussion at the Fordham University television studios – ranges across my work and lots of topics, including territory today and historically, Lefebvre, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Shakespeare… Many thanks to Babette … Continue reading

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Kostas Axelos, On Marx and Heidegger – forthcoming with Meson Press, translated by Kenneth Mills and edited by Stuart Elden

As I’ve mentioned here before, in recent months I’ve edited a translation, compiled the notes, and written an introduction for a forthcoming book. The publisher is Meson Press (a new publisher based at Lüneborg University) and their website is now available, so I’m able to … Continue reading

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Graham Burchell – Michel Foucault, La société punitive: an editorial curiosity

Graham Burchell, the translator of all-but-one of Foucault’s Collège de France lecture courses, has sent me a note on small but important ‘curiosity’ in the course he is currently translating: La société punitive. I’ve put up the whole of his note in a … Continue reading

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‘Getting Published’ Masterclass – British Academy sponsored workshop at Warwick, 26 June 2014

‘Getting Published’ Masterclass – Warwick 26 June 2014 Sponsored by the British Academy, The ‘Getting Published’ Masterclass is an event is aimed at providing useful, practical, information to PhD students and early career researchers on how to get their work published. The … Continue reading

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