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Christopher Pierson, Just Property: A History in the Latin West, Volume One – reviewed at NDPR

Christopher Pierson, Just Property: A History in the Latin West, Volume One is reviewed at NDPR. This looks a fascinating study, which covers a similar time-period to my own The Birth of Territory, and a related, though distinct, concept. But what a shame … Continue reading

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Interview with Gastón Gordillo by Stuart Elden in Society and Space

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on an interview with Gastón Gordillo, Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, and the author of several books including Landscapes of Devils: Tensions of Place and Memory in the Argentinean Chaco and the forthcoming Rubble: … Continue reading

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Reece Jones and Corey Johnson, Placing the Border in Everyday Life – forthcoming in May, and Chapter One free to download

Reece Jones and Corey Johnson (eds.), Placing the Border in Everyday Life - forthcoming in May 2014. Bordering no longer happens only at the borderline separating two sovereign states, but rather through a wide range of practices and decisions that occur in … Continue reading

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The Birth of Territory reviewed in Antipode by Phillip Campanile

There is a critical review of The Birth of Territory by Phillip Campanile in Antipode (pdf). Campanile clearly found the book frustrating in its mode of execution, but also not linked explicitly enough to contemporary debates. As he rightly notes, though, the book sits … Continue reading

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Why Google Maps gets Africa wrong

Decent piece in The Guardian on maps and projections in relation to Africa. I often use examples just like this at the beginning of courses on territory and geopolitics.

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Just about every country in the world is involved in a territorial dispute

In The Atlantic, with a link to the CIA World Factbook. From a quick look at the data, unsurprisingly many of these are maritime issues, some on relatively small technical details of boundaries yet to be demarcated; and some relate … Continue reading

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Books received (2 of 4)

Henry Reynolds, The Law of the Land (a gift from Jean Hillier – a good starting point for the issue of indigenous land rights in Australia, read on the plane home) Nikos Papastergiadis, Ambient Perspectives Nikos Papastergiadis, Cornelius Castoriadis – this and the … Continue reading

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Andy Doolen, Territories of Empire – forthcoming OUP book

Andy Doolen’s Territories of Empire: U.S. Writing from the Louisiana Purchase to Mexican Independence is forthcoming later this year. I read the book in manuscript for the press to write an endorsement. It’s a really interesting work that looks at the interrelation … Continue reading

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Marc Weller on the legal questions around Crimea

I’ve been trying to keep up with the news reports on the situation in Crimea, and haven’t felt a need to link to many of these. But this discussion at the BBC website of the legal issues by Marc Weller, Professor … Continue reading

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Speaking styles and speaking spaces

Having given four talks over the past two weeks – two on The Birth of Territory and two on the Foucault’s Last Decade project – I thought I’d write a little about the different spaces I spoke in, and how these change … Continue reading

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