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Conversation on ‘Powerful Urban Territories’

Yesterday I was part of a conversation on the theme of ‘Powerful Urban Territories‘, one of a sequence of five events  on Power and Space in the City, jointly organised by The Bartlett, University College London and the Open University’s Open Space. … Continue reading

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The Natures of War

Originally posted on geographical imaginations:
I have – at last – uploaded what I hope is the final version of ‘The Natures of War’ (DOWNLOADS tab).  It’s the long-form version of the first Neil Smith Lecture I gave at St Andrew’s…

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“The geopolitics of Boko Haram and Nigeria’s ‘war on terror’” – now published in The Geographical Journal

My paper on Boko Haram is now published in The Geographical Journal. The paper requires subscription, but if you can’t get it another way, please feel free to ask me for a copy. Here’s the abstract. The April 2014 kidnapping of … Continue reading

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Critical review of Grégoire Chamayou, Théorie du drone

A very critical review of Grégoire Chamayou, Théorie du drone by Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer has been translated at (original here). This book is forthcoming next year in English translation with Penguin as Drone Theory. For other takes on Chamayou’s work, see … Continue reading

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Review essay of Branch, Sassen, Scott and Vigneswaran on historical and political understandings of territory, forthcoming in Society and Space

I have a review essay of four books coming out in Society and Space in issue 1 next year. The books are Jordan Branch, The Cartographic State; Saskia Sassen, Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy; Tom Scott, The City-State in Europe, 1000-1600 and Darshan Vigneswaran, Territory, Migration, … Continue reading

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Gastón Gordillo – ‘Passion for Terrain’; Léopold Lambert – ‘Spinozist Body/Terrain’

There is an interesting piece by Gastón Gordillo on ‘Passion for Terrain’ at his Space and Politics blog. It’s mainly about wingsuit flying, but indicates some of the arguments of his book in progress Opaque Planet: Outline of a Theory … Continue reading

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Two sessions on ‘Terrain’ at the Chicago AAG – organised by Stuart Elden and Gastón Gordillo

Despite the AAG website meltdown, Gastón Gordillo and I have organised two sessions on Terrain for the Chicago Association of American Geographers meeting in April 2015. These sessions seeks to think critically, theoretically, and politically about the question of terrain. This … Continue reading

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