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Elisabeth Roudinesco on Judith Butler at the Verso blog and in Le Monde

Judith Butler, the Iconoclast: Elisabeth Roudinesco on Judith Butler - English here; French here. About these ads

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Peter Sloterdijk, ‘The Domestication of Being’ – discussed at Aphelis

At his Aphelis blog, Philippe Theophanidis discusses versions and translations of Peter Sloterdijk’s essay “Die Domestikation des Seins. Für eine Verdeutlichung der Lichtung”. The excerpt quoted [here] comes from a translation of the fourth and final chapter of the essay. For a … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre on holiday – and other pictures

While looking for something else, I came across this picture of Henri Lefebvre on holiday with his then-wife Nicole Beaurain and daughter Armelle in the early 1970s. There are a couple of other archive pictures here, including Lefebvre at the Moureux … Continue reading

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‘A racism without races’: An interview with Étienne Balibar

‘A racism without races’: An interview with Étienne Balibar at the Verso site.

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Where to start with reading Peter Sloterdijk?

Where should you start with reading Peter Sloterdijk? I have previously done this with Henri Lefebvre, and Chathan Vemuri asked me the same question for Sloterdijk. This is my attempt at answering this, largely in relation to works already in translation – … Continue reading

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Giorgio Agamben – The Homo Sacer series structure in visual form

Thanks to Nicholas Dahmann for updating this image. According to some reports, II, 4 will not be published and the designation of Opus Dei as II, 5 may have been an error. The Use of Bodies is the last planned volume. It is available … Continue reading

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Seen from the Window – the view from my NYC apartment

I’m staying on East 12th Street (corner of Broadway) for the next few weeks. I am right opposite Strand Books… There is a grill over the window, hence the somewhat murky image.

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Graham Harman, Quentin Meillassoux – second edition forthcoming

Given the subtitle of the book – Philosophy in the Making – the analysis was always going to be outstripped by the work being produced and translated. So it is good news that Graham Harman’s book on Quentin Meillassoux is … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton reviews Stiegler & Technics; Derrida’s The Death Penalty; and Johnston on Materialism

Peter Gratton has been busy with reviews recently… A review of Christina Howells and Gerald Moore (eds.), Stiegler and Technics at NDPR A review article at Berfrois on Derrida’s The Death Penalty, Vol. 1  And a review article in Symposium on Adrian Johnston’s Prolegomena to Any Future … Continue reading

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Heidegger’s Black Notebooks discussed – video of Trawny, Babich

At the Fordham website, Babette Babich, Peter Trawny, and Roger Berkowitz discuss Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ (via Enowning). Michael Inwood discusses the books in The Telegraph (well, little about the books, more about his work and legacy generally).

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