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11 Critical Theory books that came out in November

11 Critical Theory books that came out in November – another useful roundup at Butler, Evans, Goldsmith, Repo, Meiksins Wood, Badiou, Zaretsky, Zurn and Dilts, Negri, Llewelyn

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Books received – Rancière Now, Badiou, Burke, Bourdieu, TCS and An Introduction to Political Geography

Four books from Polity in recompense for review work; the new issue of TCS; and the second edition of An Introduction to Political Geography, which I endorsed.

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9 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in February from

9 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in February from – Althusser, Negri, Miller, Bartlett/Clemens/Roffe, Constantinou, Butler, Braun, Losurdo, Epstein.

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Badiou: the Althusserian Definition of Theory – audio recording

The audio recording of Badiou’s recent lecture ‘The Althusserian Definition of Theory’ is available here.

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Campbell and Sitze, Biopolitics: A Reader – introduction available online

This looks a useful resource – Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, Biopolitics; A Reader. The introduction is available online here. This anthology collects the texts that defined the concept of biopolitics, which has become so significant throughout the humanities and social … Continue reading

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The New Althusser – a possible TCS theme?

One of the ideas floated at yesterday’s Theory, Culture and Society board meeting was a theme issue on what might be called ‘the new Althusser’. Since his death, many previously unpublished writings have been published in France, with English translations following. … Continue reading

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In good company – Agamben, Badiou, Negri, Amin, Harvey, Flusser, Elden

Critical Theory’s seven books that came out in September.

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Verso radical thinkers – brief introductory videos in The Guardian

From the Verso blog: At the beginning of the year we published another twelve titles in our seventh edition of The Radical Thinkers series including works by Alain Badiou, Willhelm Reich, Max Horkheimer, Simon Critchley and Ludwig Feuerbach. A fortnightly series of events introducing this latest set was … Continue reading

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Badiou on Beckett – freely available book pdf

Alain Badiou’s book On Beckett, translated by Nina Power and Alberto Toscano, available as a free pdf download here.

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Harman on Nancy, Badiou, Heidegger, Latour

Graham Harman has been providing links to some of his papers “On Interface: Nancy’s Weights and Masses” “Bruno Latour and the Politics of Nature” “Badiou’s Relation to Heidegger in Theory of the Subject” All links via his Object-Orientated Philosophy blog.

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