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Verso – Space and Power: Celebrating the life of Edward Soja (1940-2015)

Verso have published an online extract from Ed Soja’s Postmodern Geographies: the Reassertion of Space in Critical Social Theory, on the production of space and power in Los Angeles.

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Derek Gregory’s tribute to Edward Soja

A lovely piece by Derek Gregory remembering Edward Soja at Geographical Imaginations.

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Remembering Edward Soja (1940-2015)

Murray Low has passed on the sad news of the death of Edward Soja. I first heard him talk on Postmodern Geographies in 1995 – this would have been work that ended up in Thirdspace – and the talk really motivated … Continue reading

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Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre?

[The most recent version of this guide can be found here.] This comes in response to a question to me on Twitter. Where should you start with Henri Lefebvre? I think many people, especially in Geography, go to The Production … Continue reading

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The AAG meeting

I’ve spent the last week in Los Angeles for the Association of American Geographers annual meeting. It was mainly in the Westin Bonaventure hotel – made famous in the 1980s by the readings of Fredric Jameson and Edward Soja. I … Continue reading

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AAG Honors

The Association of American Geographers has announced its honors – to be presented in Los Angeles in April. Edward Soja and Sallie Marston received lifetime acheivement awards; and distinguished scholarship honors to Judith Carney and John O’Loughlin. Full details and … Continue reading

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‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’

Verso have posted another one their lists – this time ‘The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List’. Twenty books here including Marx, Paul Mason, Peter Dews, Jameson, Anderson (Perry & Benedict), Stephen Lukes, Žižek, Eagleton, David Harvey, Therborn, Balibar, Vinayak Chaturvedi, … Continue reading

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Cities for People, Not for Profit

Very interesting collection forthcoming in October – Cities for People, Not for Profit: Critical Urban Theory and the Right to the City, edited by Neil Brenner, Peter Marcuse and Margit Mayet – book details here. While on this topic, Kurt Iveson … Continue reading

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Writing rhythm and summer reading

I have been getting into a good writing rhythm since I got back from Amsterdam, with a dedicated two hour slot each day when I write with no distractions, followed by the rest of the day on editorial work, other … Continue reading

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Millner on Soja

I mentioned Ed Soja’s new book Seeking Spatial Justice a few posts back. There’s a review by Naomi Millner here.

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