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Heidegger, Cassirer (& Fink) at Davos

Finally got round to reading Peter E. Gordon’s Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos. It’s an interesting book, on a key moment in European intellectual history. One thing thought was interesting was that Eugen Fink attended the debate – I knew … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk; Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos reviewed

Two interesting reviews on NDPR -  on Peter Sloterdijk’s Rage and Time and on Peter E. Gordon’s Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos. The Sloterdijk one is pretty critical. I think it might miss what is worthwhile in Sloterdijk, but he is … Continue reading

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Heidegger and Cassirer

An interesting looking book on Heidegger and Cassirer just out, beginning with their 1929 encounter in Davos, but it looks like it goes a way beyond this. Details here. Great cover photo too.

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