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Gastón Gordillo on Forensis: The Architecture of Public Truth

Gastón Gordillo has posted the introduction of his review of the Forensis collection, directed by Eyal Weizman. The full review essay will appear in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space in early 2015.

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Archipelago/Funambulist Conversation between Léopold Lambert and Stuart Elden on Territory and Volume

I’ve linked to content on Archipelago – the podcast companion site to Léopold Lambert’s The Funambulist – before. This time it’s a discussion with me, conducted at the CUSP offices in New York, and mainly discussing my 2013 article “Secure the … Continue reading

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Books received – territory, borders, architecture, government (1 of 3)

Working through the post… Saskia Sassen’s Expulsions and Darshan Vigneswaran’s Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System – both to review; Jones and Johnston’s Placing the Border in Everyday Life – which I endorsed; and Lemm and Vatter’s … Continue reading

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Eyal Weizman – The Architecture of Ariel Sharon

Eyal Weizman discusses Sharon’s architectural and spatial legacy at Al Jazeera. Whether in military uniform or in politics, Ariel Sharon’s time in power was characterised by construction and destruction frenzies that decisively shaped the physical realities in which both Israelis and … Continue reading

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The Dimensions of Territory – audio of talk at Al Quds Bard Honors College

The audio recording of my talk earlier this month at Al Quds Bard Honors College, “The Dimensions of Territory”, is available here. For people who know my work on territory it doesn’t have much new, but it tries to give … Continue reading

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Eyal Weizman interview at Full Stop

Interview here – via the Verso blog.

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Forensic Architecture – new website

Eyal Weizman’s Forensic Architecture project has a new website here. The Funambulist offers some thoughts here.

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Derek Gregory on Eyal Weizman’s Forensic Architecture Project

Some discussion and lots of useful links here.

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Eyal Weizman – Mengele’s Skull and Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman’s The Least of All Possible Evils is getting much attention at the moment, but his short co-authored book with Thomas Keenan, Mengele’s Skull: The Advent of a Forensic Aesthetics is well worth a read too. In 1985, the … Continue reading

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Eyal Weizman: The Least of all Possible Evils & Mengele’s Skull

For those that missed him at the RGS in Edinburgh, but able to get to London, Eyal Weizman is discussing his most recent books on July 12th. Details at the Verso blog.

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