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Henri Lefebvre on holiday – and other pictures

While looking for something else, I came across this picture of Henri Lefebvre on holiday with his then-wife Nicole Beaurain and daughter Armelle in the early 1970s. There are a couple of other archive pictures here, including Lefebvre at the Moureux … Continue reading

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Seen from the Window – the view from my NYC apartment

I’m staying on East 12th Street (corner of Broadway) for the next few weeks. I am right opposite Strand Books… There is a grill over the window, hence the somewhat murky image.

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Henri Lefebvre, The Critique of Everyday Life – One Volume Edition

848 pages of Henri Lefebvre - The Critique of Everyday Life: The One-Volume Edition. Three volumes in one – the first volume comes from 1947, with a second edition in 1958 that almost doubles its length; the second volume from 1961; … Continue reading

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Jonathan Bate on writing a biography of Ted Hughes – copyright, author estates and family members

A very interesting piece in The Guardian by Jonathan Bate about his writing of a biography of Ted Hughes. The issues are much wider than this particular case, and concern copyright, author estates and the role of family members. There are … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre, Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment – online preview of introduction

The introduction to Lefebvre’s keenly anticipated Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment is available to read online at Artforum. I will be interviewing editor Łukasz Stanek for the Society and Space open site in the near future.

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Understanding the City: Henri Lefebvre and Urban Studies

Understanding the City: Henri Lefebvre and Urban Studies - a collection edited by Gülçin Erdi-Lelandais (via here). Henri Lefebvre is undoubtedly one of the most influential thinkers in the field of urban space and its organization; his theories offer reflections still valid for … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre recordings – three audio; one video

I didn’t know about these before – three audio recordings of Lefebvre. The first from 1975 is the most wide-ranging; the second is a brief discussion from 1970 that discusses La fin de l’histoire; and the third is on space. There is … Continue reading

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Álvaro Sevilla Buitrago – Hegemonía, gubernamentalidad, territorio

If you read Spanish, this looks like a really interesting article linking Foucault, Gramsci and Lefebvre to the study of urban planning – ‘Hegemonía, gubernamentalidad, territorio. Apuntes metodológicos para una historia social de la planificación’ (via Álvaro’s blog – Multipliciudades).

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State, Power, Freedom: European Political Theory – outline for teaching next year

One of the things I was looking forward to, now back in a Politics department, was to teach some political theory. So, this is the outline of a planned module for either final year undergraduates or MA students. It revolves … Continue reading

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Progressive Geographies’s Foucault and Lefebvre resource pages

There are now two pages of Foucault resources and Lefebvre resources – gathering a few different posts on this site together. They include short translations, the reading guide to Lefebvre and a few other bits and pieces. There is not … Continue reading

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