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Henri Lefebvre, La pensée marxiste et la ville – forthcoming in translation

I’ve previously said that Lefebvre’s Métaphilosophie will appear in English translation in 2016 with Verso. Another translation will also appear next year – La pensée marxiste et la ville, with University of Minnesota Press. This follows from their previous publications of his work – The … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre, Metaphilosophy – forthcoming in 2016 from Verso with introduction by Stuart Elden

Henri Lefebvre’s fundamental book Métaphilosophie is forthcoming in translation in Spring 2016 from Verso. It will have an introduction from me. Further details when available. I’ve long wanted this book to be translated – hopefully as the first of a few of … Continue reading

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Society and Space open access highlight papers updated

The ‘highlights’ section of the Environment and Planning D: Society and Space website has been updated. Several recent papers are now available open access – including pieces by Giorgio Agamben, Henri Lefebvre, Bruce Braun, Melissa Wright, Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood, Matthew Gandy…

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Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Urban Research and Architecture – audio of launch event

Henri Lefebvre’s concepts and theoretical reflections have become widely known in the last decades. However, working with these concepts in many different contexts poses serious challenges; and in any case taking Lefebvre as a starting point for research and action … Continue reading

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Agir avec Henri Lefebvre: Altermarxiste? géographe radical? – new French collection

Agir avec Henri Lefebvre: Altermarxiste? géographe radical? – new French collection, edited by Hugues Lethierry.  

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Why I’m not writing or speaking about Heidegger’s Black Notebooks (except here)

As many readers of this blog will know, I’ve been posting various bits of news about Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ over the past year or so. In that time I’ve been asked to speak on Heidegger at events in the UK … Continue reading

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Books on Lefebvre in English – why are six of ten with Routledge?

By my count, there are ten eleven books on Henri Lefebvre in English. Six of these are with Routledge – Shields, Merrifield, Goonewardena et. al., Butler, Middleton and Coleman – and four five with other publishers – Burkhard, Elden, Fraser, Stanek [and Stanek et. al.]. … Continue reading

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Books received – The Care of Life, Lefebvre for Architects, Henry IV, Part I and Issues in Political Theory

Some other books received recently – an old edition of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I; Nathaniel Coleman’s Lefebvre for Architects; the new collection The Care of Life, edited by Miguel de Beistegui, Giuseppe Bianco and Marjorie Gracieuse; the new edition of Catriona McKinnon’s Issues in … Continue reading

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The most important academic books to me from 2014

A non-systematic, alphabetically ordered list of the academic books published this year I read and most liked – the photo is of some that were to hand. Louis Althusser, On the Reproduction of Capitalism (Verso) Ben Anderson, Encountering Affect: Capacities, Apparatuses, Conditions (Ashgate) Étienne Balibar, Equaliberty: … Continue reading

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The other Henri Lefebvre – excerpt from The Missing Pieces in Berfrois

Although it appears in at least one bibliography of the better-known Henri Lefebvre, Les unités perdues, translated as The Missing Pieces, is actually by a different author, born in 1959. It’s an interesting book on abandoned, lost, destroyed, forgotten and unfinished works, … Continue reading

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