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Kant and the Concept of Race reviewed at NDPR

Jon M. Mikkelsen (ed., tr.), Kant and the Concept of Race: Late Eighteenth-Century Writings, SUNY Press, 2013 – reviewed by John Zammito at NDPR. About these ads

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The twenty-five most important academic books to me from 2013

Not ordered, not comprehensive, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some – and of course there are those I’ve not yet read or am unaware of… These are all academic books published in 2013, not drawn from all the books I … Continue reading

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Concept of World from Kant to Derrida – open access preview

Thanks to dmfant for the alert to this open access preview of Sean Gaston’s very useful book The Concept of World from Kant to Derrida.

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The Daily Habits of Highly Productive Philosophers: Nietzsche, Marx & Kant

At Open Culture – drawing together descriptions of the work habits of Nietzsche, Marx and Kant.

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Books received

Timothy Mitchell’s Carbon Democracy (this keeps coming up in conversations and papers); a fascinating-looking new book on The Concept of World from Kant to Derrida; William Connolly’s new The Fragility of Things; a biography of Hegel; and the two volumes … Continue reading

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Kant, Natural Science reviewed at NDPR

Immanuel Kant, Natural Science, edited by Eric Watkins, is reviewed at NDPR. This is the volume that contains the Rink edition of Kant’s lectures on physical geography. This review says nothing about that part of the volume, instead pointing to the … Continue reading

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Two NDPR reviews of books on Kant

Helga Varden reviews the collection Kant’s Political Theory, edited by Elizabeth Ellis; Jill Vance Buroker reviews Daniel N. Robinson, How is Nature Possible? Kant’s Project in the First Critique. The second is one of the most critical reviews I’ve seen in a … Continue reading

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Kant’s Geographies – review of Natural Science

My review of the Natural Science volume of Kant’s writings has now been published at the Berfrois website.

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Reading Kant’s Geography – Atlanta APA Eastern talk audio

The audio recording of my talk at the APA Eastern can be found here. I talk a bit about the session as a whole here. My talk draws on my 2009 paper “Reassessing Kant’s Geography” and also on my review of … Continue reading

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Kant in Atlanta

Between Christmas and New Year I attended a couple of days of the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meeting in Atlanta. The main reason was for an invited session on the Reading Kant’s Geography book I co-edited with Eduardo Mendieta … Continue reading

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