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Jean-Luc Nancy discussion at Birkbeck cancelled – but paper available to download

The discussion with Jean-Luc Nancy at Birkbeck, scheduled for next week, has unfortunately been cancelled due to illness. The paper that was due to be discussed is available here. About these ads

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Madeleine Fagan – Ethics and Politics after Poststructuralism Levinas, Derrida and Nancy

My Warwick colleague Madeleine Fagan’s book Ethics and Politics after Poststructuralism: Levinas, Derrida and Nancy has now been released by Edinburgh University Press. This groundbreaking book offers a fresh and innovative perspective on ethics and politics after poststructuralism. Madeleine Fagan argues … Continue reading

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Marie-Eve Morin’s book on Jean-Luc Nancy reviewed

At NDPR by Christopher Watkin.

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Parrhesia issue 16 out

Open access and available to download here. Includes essays by Graham Harman, Tristan Garcia, Quentin Meillassoux, Marie-Eve Morin on Jean-Luc Nancy, etc. (via Graham Harman’s blog)

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Harman on Nancy, Badiou, Heidegger, Latour

Graham Harman has been providing links to some of his papers “On Interface: Nancy’s Weights and Masses” “Bruno Latour and the Politics of Nature” “Badiou’s Relation to Heidegger in Theory of the Subject” All links via his Object-Orientated Philosophy blog.

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Books received

A pile of new books including six Polity titles received in recompense for review work, Tom McCarthy’s novel C, Esposito’s Living Thought, and a few by Hegel for a possible future project.

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Books received

The two Minnesota ones – Brown, The Primitive, the Aesthetic and the Savage: An Enlightenment Problematic and Schwenger, At the Borders of Sleep: On Liminal Literature – were pre-ordered when I did a review for them, as was Parvini, Shakespeare and Contemporary … Continue reading

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