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Archipelago/Funambulist Conversation between Léopold Lambert and Stuart Elden on Territory and Volume

I’ve linked to content on Archipelago – the podcast companion site to Léopold Lambert’s The Funambulist – before. This time it’s a discussion with me, conducted at the CUSP offices in New York, and mainly discussing my 2013 article “Secure the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Crampton on my ‘the political is always technical’ comment

Jeremy Crampton has responded in a very interesting way to my comment that ‘the political is always technical’. I made that comment in my remarks to the ArcticNet conference last week – a summary and the audio recording are here. … Continue reading

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Issue 4 out

Originally posted on Society and Space – Environment and Planning D:
Issue 4 is now available online (requires subscription) Commentary: Is security sustainable? 571 – 577 Jeremy W Crampton Air power as police power 578 – 593 Mark Neocleous Tracking and tracing: geographies of logistical governance and labouring bodies 594 – 610 Anja…

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Foucault books received

Two new books – the Blackwell A Companion to Foucault, and the new collection La grande étrangère. I’ll be reviewing the Companion for Cultural Geographies. It looks really good including a translation of Daniel Defert’s ‘Chronology’ from Dits et écrits … Continue reading

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FiveThirtyEight – counting the US election

I probably should have posted this a while back, but this blog at the NY Times has been the most useful thing I’ve being reading on the US election and the complications of the Electoral College system. One of the … Continue reading

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Foucault – The Mesh of Power

Foucault’s 1976 lecture ‘The Mesh of Power’ is available online in English (with a link to the French) at Viewpoint Magazine. This lecture was previously translated by Gerald Moore for the Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography collection Jeremy Crampton … Continue reading

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IJURR review essay on Foucault and Geography

The latest issue of IJURR has a review essay on cities by Martina Löw that takes the Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography collection that Jeremy Crampton and I edited as one of the three books under review. The … Continue reading

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