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Henri Lefebvre, La pensée marxiste et la ville – forthcoming in translation

I’ve previously said that Lefebvre’s Métaphilosophie will appear in English translation in 2016 with Verso. Another translation will also appear next year – La pensée marxiste et la ville, with University of Minnesota Press. This follows from their previous publications of his work – The … Continue reading

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“A Period of Intense Debate about Marxist Philosophy”: An Interview with Étienne Balibar

Translation of an interview with Étienne Balibar in Viewpoint. This text was first pub­lished in L’Human­ité on March 13, 2015. Jérome Skalski: Fifty years ago Louis Althusser’s For Marx, and, under his direc­tion, Read­ing Cap­i­tal, were pub­lished. What was the con­text of the debate at that … Continue reading

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Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive, with a response from Judith Butler

Étienne Balibar discusses Foucault’s La société punitive and his relation to Marx, with a response from Judith Butler. Audio files available here, via Multipliciudades. For his lecture “Foucault and Marx: A Disjunctive Synthesis?”, Étienne Balibar discusses connections and disjunctions between Michel Foucault … Continue reading

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Books received – Klein on Climate Change, Skinner on Shakespeare, Lefebvre on Marx, Deleuze & Fascism

A re-edition of one of Henri Lefebvre’s books on Marx; Deleuze and Fascism, edited by Brad Evans and Julian Reid; Quentin Skinner’s Forensic Shakespeare; Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything; and the new issues of RIPE and TCS.

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My essay on Foucault’s La société punitive – forthcoming in Historical Materialism

My substantial (c. 8,000 words) essay on Foucault’s La société punitive is forthcoming in Historical Materialism. Thanks to Sebastian Budgen for his invitation to write this, and Alberto Toscano for taking it through two rounds of review. My shorter review of this important … Continue reading

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The work of editing – adding references to translations II

In a previous post I said a bit about one of the tasks of editing a translation. I’ve now completed the Heidegger references I discussed in that previous post. The references to Hegel, Jaspers, Heraclitus, Homer, Lukács and Lenin took relatively … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fraser (ed.), Marxism and Urban Culture

Interesting collection of essays on Marxism and Urban Culture, edited by Benjamin Fraser (author of Henri Lefebvre and the Spanish Urban Experience, and editor of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, with a preface by Andy Merrifield. Thanks to Adam David Morton for the … Continue reading

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In Marx’s Laboratory: Critical Readings of the Grundrisse – now in paperback

Now available in paperback – a collection of essays on the Grundrisse. There is a good review at Marx & Philosophy. In Marx’s Laboratory provides a critical analysis of the Grundrisse as a crucial stage in the development of Marx’s critique … Continue reading

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Lawrence & Wishart and the copyright of the Marx-Engels collected works

In recent days there has been debate about the copyright of the Marx-Engels collected works. Publishers Lawrence & Wishart have asked that these works are removed from the Marxist Internet Archive (story here); a petition has been started to protest … Continue reading

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Martin McQuillan – Friends with Benefits: Shakespeare, Marx and Derrida – audio recording

Martin McQuillan – Friends with Benefits: Shakespeare, Marx and Derrida – audio recording. The Kingston Shakespeare Seminar (KiSS) brings leading Shakespeare scholars to the Rose, which the director Peter Hall created to be a “teaching theatre”. Here Sir Peter directed … Continue reading

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