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Louis Althusser et nous – Le magazine littéraire interviews with Balibar, Rancière et. al.

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Lire Capital and Pour Marx,  Le magazine littéraire interviews Balibar, Rancière, Lévy and Milner. It also announces two forthcoming volumes of previously-unpublished material.

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Althusser’s On the Reproduction of Capitalism reviewed

Althusser’s On the Reproduction of Capitalism is reviewed at Review 31.

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Rafael Khachaturian in Dissent on Althusser

In Dissent, Rafael Khachaturian examines Althusser’s legacy.

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Books received (2 of 4)

Henry Reynolds, The Law of the Land (a gift from Jean Hillier – a good starting point for the issue of indigenous land rights in Australia, read on the plane home) Nikos Papastergiadis, Ambient Perspectives Nikos Papastergiadis, Cornelius Castoriadis – this and the … Continue reading

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Books received (1 of 4)

As I’ve been away for eight weeks, there was a small mountain of post waiting me in the office. This is the first of four posts listing what arrived. a new copy of Heidegger’s Basic Writings. My old copy is falling … Continue reading

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9 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in February from

9 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in February from – Althusser, Negri, Miller, Bartlett/Clemens/Roffe, Constantinou, Butler, Braun, Losurdo, Epstein.

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Rethinking Marxism: Ideology, Interpellation and Subjectivation – open access virtual issue

A virtual theme issue from Rethinking Marxism on ‘Ideology, Interpellation and Subjectivation’ is available here, with contributions from Althusser, Montag, Krips, Macherey, etc. Since its inception in 1988, Rethinking Marxism has been a major platform for extending key Althusserian themes, including the debates … Continue reading

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Badiou: the Althusserian Definition of Theory – audio recording

The audio recording of Badiou’s recent lecture ‘The Althusserian Definition of Theory’ is available here.

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Althusser, On the Reproduction of Capitalism – the translator’s list of errata

While most of us are still waiting to see the translation of Althusser’s On the Reproduction of Captalism, the translator G.M. Goshgarian has provided a list of errata. It would be interesting to know the story behind this – lack of … Continue reading

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State, Power, Freedom: European Political Theory – outline for teaching next year

One of the things I was looking forward to, now back in a Politics department, was to teach some political theory. So, this is the outline of a planned module for either final year undergraduates or MA students. It revolves … Continue reading

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