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Peter Gratton reviews Stiegler & Technics; Derrida’s The Death Penalty; and Johnston on Materialism

Peter Gratton has been busy with reviews recently… A review of Christina Howells and Gerald Moore (eds.), Stiegler and Technics at NDPR A review article at Berfrois on Derrida’s The Death Penalty, Vol. 1  And a review article in Symposium on Adrian Johnston’s Prolegomena to Any Future … Continue reading

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Foucault lecture at Memorial University Newfoundland – audio recording

The audio recording of the George Story Lecture in Humanities I gave at Memorial University of Newfoundland, entitled “Knowledge, Truth, Power: The Politics of Foucault’s Leçons sur la volonté de savoir”, is now available here. There is a gap in the recording about … Continue reading

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Bill Martin scholar session audio

Bill Martin was the focus of a scholar session at the recent SPEP conference. Peter Gratton spoke at this and recorded it and has posted the audio here.

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Quentin Meillassoux – ‘Iteration, Reiteration, Repetition’ text

Meillassoux’s 20th April 2012 lecture in Berlin is now online. Not sure how authorised this is, but Peter Gratton and Graham Harman have both linked to it. Graham has some thoughts in response in his post.

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A book reading meme

A book meme I took from Rob Kitchin’s The View from the Blue House. I’ve largely answered in relation to non-academic reading… The book I’m currently reading? Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood The last book I finished? Thaisa Frank, Heidegger’s Glasses … Continue reading

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Interviews with new Society and Space co-editors

Interviews with the three new co-editors of Society and Space can be found over at the journal blog – Deborah Cowen interviews Jane M. Jacobs here; Natalie Oswin interviews Maia Green here; and I interview Peter Gratton here.

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Reactions to the Berfrois review

Peter Gratton offers some thoughts in response to my review of Foucault’s 1970-71 course here. Interesting ideas about how the claims could be read as a critique of the crisis of legitimation argument in modernity. I think this might be … Continue reading

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Society and Space – new issue, blog, facebook

Issue 2 of Society and Space is now available here. It includes commentaries on aid in Pakistan and the situation of the Roma people in Europe; a translation of Pierre Macherey with an introduction by the translator Susan Ruddick; and … Continue reading

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Orders of translation

In his comments on the Sloterdijk review, Peter Gratton ends by suggesting: It might have done Sloterdijk a favor to publish this work after the forthcoming English translations of the three volumes of Spheres. In this he’s absolutely right. To … Continue reading

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Gratton on Nancy on democracy

Peter Gratton reviews Jean-Luc Nancy, The Truth of Democracy, here (via Continental Philosophy).

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