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New Sloterdijk Books from Polity – Stress and Freedom, In the Shadow of Mount Sinai, and Jean-Pierre Couture’s study

Three new Sloterdijk books forthcoming from Polity – two little translations, Stress and Freedom and In the Shadow of Mount Sinai, and Jean-Pierre Couture’s study Sloterdijk in their Key Contemporary Thinkers series.  

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Heidegger et « les juifs » – conference in Paris, January 2015

Major conference 22-25 January 2015 in Paris on ‘Heidegger et « les juifs »’ – details here. Peter Sloterdijk, Peter Trawny, Babette Babich and Blandine Kriegel among the speakers. Thanks to Andrzej Serafin for the link.

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Marijn Nieuwenhuis – New Conceptualisations Of Space In The Work Of Peter Sloterdijk And Graham Harman (open access)

My Warwick colleague Marijn Nieuwenhuis has just published an article entitled ‘ Taking Up The Challenge Of Space: New Conceptualisations Of Space In The Work Of Peter Sloterdijk And Graham Harman‘, in Continent – open access.

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Critical Theory’s 10 books that came out in October

Some good ones here – Sloterdijk, Rancière, Naas, Vogl and more…

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Reading guides to Lefebvre and Sloterdijk in English updated

I’ve made some minor updates to my reading guides: Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre? Where to start with reading Peter Sloterdijk?

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Top ten posts on Progressive Geographies this week

Special Issue on Ranciere What is neoliberalism? Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 12 Bruno Latour – Some advantages of the notion of “Critical Zone” for Geopolitics Guattari, Felix 2012 Schizoanalytic Cartographies, reviewed by Thomas Jellis Foucault’s Last Decade Peter Sloterdijk, … Continue reading

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Peter Sloterdijk, You Must Change Your Life reviewed by Eduardo Mendieta

Peter Sloterdijk, You Must Change Your Life reviewed by Eduardo Mendieta at NDPR.

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Archipelago/Funambulist Conversation between Léopold Lambert and Stuart Elden on Territory and Volume

I’ve linked to content on Archipelago – the podcast companion site to Léopold Lambert’s The Funambulist – before. This time it’s a discussion with me, conducted at the CUSP offices in New York, and mainly discussing my 2013 article “Secure the … Continue reading

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Peter Sloterdijk’s Globes: Spheres II forthcoming in October 2014

 Peter Sloterdijk’s Globes – Spheres II: Macrospherology listed on Amazon. It’s not on the Semiotext(e) page yet, but is on the MIT Press page (they distribute the books). It will be published in October 2014, and comes in at 1048 pages. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Peter Sloterdijk and Andrei Ujica on The Fall of the Romanov Empire

A lecture by Peter Sloterdijk and then a discussion between Sloterdijk and Andrei Ujica on The Fall of the Romanov Empire – thanks to ANTHEM for the link. The lecture is in English, though the discussion is in German. I’ve embedded the film … Continue reading

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