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Peter Sloterdijk, ‘The Domestication of Being’ – discussed at Aphelis

At his Aphelis blog, Philippe Theophanidis discusses versions and translations of Peter Sloterdijk’s essay “Die Domestikation des Seins. Für eine Verdeutlichung der Lichtung”. The excerpt quoted [here] comes from a translation of the fourth and final chapter of the essay. For a … Continue reading

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Where to start with reading Peter Sloterdijk?

Where should you start with reading Peter Sloterdijk? I have previously done this with Henri Lefebvre, and Chathan Vemuri asked me the same question for Sloterdijk. This is my attempt at answering this, largely in relation to works already in translation – … Continue reading

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“Interview with Stuart Elden” at Groundwork

Another interview with me, conducted by Jordan Skinner, has been published at the Groundwork site – a blog run by past and present students of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University. It ranges widely across … Continue reading

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‘Territory and Transgression: A Conversation with Stuart Elden’ @thepolisblog

A long interview with me, conducted by Peter Sigrist, has just been published at Polis. It covers most of my current and past interests, including territory, Lefebvre, Foucault, Sloterdijk, Heidegger, politics,  my time in Israel/Palestine, publishing, literature and film… Many … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk interview in the LA Review of Books

Sloterdijk is interviewed in the LA Review of Books, mainly on Spheres I: Bubbles. Thanks to ANTHEM for the link. The interview was conducted by a reading group at UC Irvine, where Sloterdijk later gave the Wellek Library lectures. I don’t … Continue reading

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Radical Philosophy 183 out – includes Gregory on drones and Power on Sloterdijk

The new issue of Radical Philosophy is out – includes Derek Gregory on ‘Drone Geographies‘ and a critical review of Sloterdijk by Nina Power (both open access).

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The twenty-five most important academic books to me from 2013

Not ordered, not comprehensive, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some – and of course there are those I’ve not yet read or am unaware of… These are all academic books published in 2013, not drawn from all the books I … Continue reading

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25 research talks in 2013 – with links to audio versions

The talk in Halifax at ArcticNet was the 25th research talk in a really busy year. (Links in what follows are to audio recordings, where available). I gave talks on the Shakespearean territories project at the University of York, Aberystwyth University, Memorial University of Newfoundland … Continue reading

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Books received – Foucault, Anderson, Sloterdijk, Geographica Helvetica

The latest Foucault lecture course La société punitive; Sloterdijk’s Nietzsche Apostle; Perry Anderson’s Lineages of the Absolutist State (the only one of my ten books that stayed with me that I didn’t actually own); and the new issue of Geographica … Continue reading

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Campbell and Sitze, Biopolitics: A Reader – introduction available online

This looks a useful resource – Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, Biopolitics; A Reader. The introduction is available online here. This anthology collects the texts that defined the concept of biopolitics, which has become so significant throughout the humanities and social … Continue reading

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