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MANCEPT workshop on Methods in Political Theory

A call for papers for a workshop as part of the Tenth MANCEPT Annual Conference: 4th – 6th September 2013. During the 1960s and 70s the methodological orthodoxy of enquiries into the study of political thought became the target of historical critique. Dissatisfied with … Continue reading

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‘How should we do the history of territory?’ – Berkeley audio

The audio recording of my Berkeley talk is now available. Many thanks to Ilaria Giglioli for making the recording. “How should we do the history of territory”, University of California, Berkeley, 14 September 2011.

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Reading Foucault in Nigeria

The key work I did in Nigeria, aside from editing Society and Space, was on Foucault. This is for two, interrelated, projects. The first is to to write a chapter for the book coming out of The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 … Continue reading

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The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 – Discussant Comments

Even though there was an audio recording, I decided to type up my handwritten comments from which I improvised my response to Daniel Defert; Colin Gordon; Peter Fitzpatrick and Maria Carolina Olarte. There is some material here that was cut due to the time – three long papers and already after 7pm when I spoke, so this is record of both what I said and would have said. This is very much a pièce d’occasion, rather than the basis for anything more, though some of the themes relate to previous concerns, or will become part of future work. Continue reading

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History of Philosophy, History of Ideas, History of Geography

Brian Leiter links to an interesting open letter on why graduate students should seriously consider studying the history of philosophy. The Leiter page also has some interesting discussion. The discussion appears, largely, to be framed within a more ‘analytic’ discourse, … Continue reading

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The Birth of Territory introduction

I don’t like writing introductions, and The Birth of Territory was definitely no exception. I’d been struggling with working out how to shape this, but now have what I think is a good working version. One of the things I … Continue reading

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Koselleck and Schmitt

The new issue of Political Theory has an interesting piece on Reinhart Koselleck‘s notion of conceptual history (Begriffsgeschichte) and the relation this has to Carl Schmitt’s work. I quite like Koselleck’s work – or at least the basic idea behind … Continue reading

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