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Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco translator William Weaver has died

Crooked Timber has the news here, and links to an obituary in The Guardian. About these ads

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More novels read in 2012

At the end of June I posted a list of the novels I’d read so far in 2012. Here are those I read between July and today the end of the year- not all are novels, as there are a few books about … Continue reading

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Rereading novels

The Guardian has a couple of features on rereading novels – a piece discussing it here, and some contemporary authors’ favourite novels to re-read here. This isn’t something I do very often with novels. I did when younger but now I … Continue reading

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Novels read in 2011 part 2

Given the number of these that are not really novels, this list should probably be retitled ‘books I read that are not for work reasons…’ Not as many as the first half of the year, but that’s probably a product … Continue reading

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Umberto Eco interview in The Guardian


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A book reading meme

A book meme I took from Rob Kitchin’s The View from the Blue House. I’ve largely answered in relation to non-academic reading… The book I’m currently reading? Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood The last book I finished? Thaisa Frank, Heidegger’s Glasses … Continue reading

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This Is Not The End Of The Book

Just finished reading Umberto Eco and Jean-Claude Carrière’s book-length series of dialogues This Is Not The End Of The Book. It’s an interesting, engaging and sometimes annoyingly showy discussion, ranging widely across book-related topics such as libraries, editing, publishing, private collections, … Continue reading

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