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Foucault’s Last Decade – Update 12

After what has felt like a long break from working on this book, I’ve begun writing again. Some of this was during a recent trip to Ghana. The first part of Chapter Six looks at the collaborative projects Foucault was involved … Continue reading

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Completing other tasks – returning to the Foucault’s Last Decade project

Over the past few months I’ve taken a break from the Foucault work, due to other commitments. Some of these were related to The Birth of Territory. One was an author response to ‘critics’ from the session on the book at the Association of American … Continue reading

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“the frustrations and the pleasures of editing”

David Scott Kastan on “the frustrations and the pleasures of editing” – for him a play, but much of this works more generally: We too often think of editing as an activity that is mechanical and objective; it is neither. Even … Continue reading

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‘Getting Published’ Masterclass – British Academy sponsored workshop at Warwick, 26 June 2014

‘Getting Published’ Masterclass – Warwick 26 June 2014 Sponsored by the British Academy, The ‘Getting Published’ Masterclass is an event is aimed at providing useful, practical, information to PhD students and early career researchers on how to get their work published. The … Continue reading

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The work of editing – adding references to translations

Over the past few weeks, around other things, I’ve been editing a translation of a book for a new press. I’ll post details of the book when the website is available. A lot of the work has been checking the … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Jerome Cohen on finishing a book

A nice piece on the process of finishing a book – in this case, Stories of Stone for University of Minnesota Press – which discusses funding, collaboration and the process of writing.

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Talking about Publishing, Urban Territory, and lots else

I was involved in three events this week. The first was the most wide-ranging – a filmed conversation with Babette Babich at Fordham University, that ranged from contemporary territorial issues to Kant, Leibniz, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault and Lefebvre; Greek geography to … Continue reading

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Five apps I find really useful for my writing and blogging

Five apps I find really useful – Evernote – Dropbox – Sanebox – Feedly – WasteNoTime Evernote – I use this as my main repository for notes, links, lists, etc. I appreciate that you can clip websites directly to it, or email things to a direct address. As … Continue reading

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Rob Kitchin – Writing for impact: how to craft papers that will be cited

An interesting piece by Rob Kitchin about writing and publishing. For the past few years I’ve co-taught a professional development course for doctoral students on completing a thesis, getting a job, and publishing.  The course draws liberally on a book … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s annotated dictionary?

An interesting story from the Folger Shakespeare Library about the claimed discovery of Shakespeare’s dictionary – an annotated copy of John Baret’s Alvearie. The claim is not just that Shakespeare used the dictionary, which is well-known, but that this was his personal copy. … Continue reading

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