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Rob Kitchin – Writing for impact: how to craft papers that will be cited

An interesting piece by Rob Kitchin about writing and publishing. For the past few years I’ve co-taught a professional development course for doctoral students on completing a thesis, getting a job, and publishing.  The course draws liberally on a book … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s annotated dictionary?

An interesting story from the Folger Shakespeare Library about the claimed discovery of Shakespeare’s dictionary – an annotated copy of John Baret’s Alvearie. The claim is not just that Shakespeare used the dictionary, which is well-known, but that this was his personal copy. … Continue reading

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The 24 hour Schedules of Writers, Composers and others – interesting graphical representations

The Huffington Post links to some interesting graphical representations of 24 hours in the life of creative figures – Beethoven, Balzac, Flaubert, Mozart, etc. Very male and white, but interesting nonetheless. The full diagram is here.  

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David Farrell Krell on reading, translating and citing

A note in one of David Farrell Krell’s books: I will cite Derrida’s texts throughout the book by a code letter (here, G), with the page numbers of the French and English editions. I have not used the available translations … Continue reading

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Bradley Garrett interview on writing and publishing his book Explore Everything

Very interesting interview with Bradley Garrett on writing and publishing his book Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City.

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Two useful pieces on writing dissertations and publishing books

In The Chronicle on writing a dissertation/thesis. In The Times Higher on publishing a book.

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Foucault’s Last Decade – ninth update

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve worked through the first volume of the History of Sexuality, in both French and English. There are, to my mind, not nearly as many translational issues with this as with Surveiller et punir/Discipline … Continue reading

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Creating a writing space – #whereiwrite

There is an interesting piece at chroniclevitae about creating a space for writing, and continued at #whereiwrite. I have a great home study, which is where I do most of my writing – this is a picture of the last … Continue reading

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Patrick Dunleavy on choosing a better title for your article

Some generally decent advice at the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog An informative title for an article or chapter maximizes the likelihood that your audience correctly remembers enough about your arguments to re-discover what they are looking for. Without … Continue reading

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“Interview with Stuart Elden” at Groundwork

Another interview with me, conducted by Jordan Skinner, has been published at the Groundwork site – a blog run by past and present students of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University. It ranges widely across … Continue reading

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