Future Projects

Over the next several years I plan to work on three projects.

Foucault’s Last Decade

This is a book under contract with Polity Press, with a planned publication date of 2016. You can read more about the book on a dedicated page here, which has some of the proposal, and links to updates on its writing and some audio recordings.  

Rethinking Geopolitics

This project tries to rethink the notion of the ‘geo’ in geopolitics, to make this connect to land, earth and the world as an alternative to the globe and globalisation. It builds on earlier work on theorisations of the world in Lefebvre, Axelos, Fink, Sloterdijk, Badiou and Meillassoux. The idea is to put these philosophies of the world into dialogue with empirical concerns. Taking up various questions it intends to raise a wide range of philosophical, political and historical issues about how we think of the world, the globe and beyond. It enables a thinking of such diverse themes as religion, relation, ecology, disasters and crises, the air and the subsoil, the pragmatic and the poetic. How do philosophical resources help to make sense of the global forces actively reshaping the world, its constituent states and territories? Some thoughts are outlined in a paper under the title of ‘Earth’ (audio recording here); and a keynote lecture under the title of ‘Geo-metrics’ (audio recording here).

Shakespearean Territories

This book project uses a number of Shakespeare’s plays to think through various aspects of the question of territory. More details including links to online material here. Draft plan below:

  1. Divided Territories: The Geo-politics of King Lear
  2. Corporeal Territories: The Political Bodies of Coriolanus
  3. Economic Territories: Farming the Realm in Richard II
  4. Contested Territories: Placing the Histories
  5. Colonial Territories: Antony and Cleopatra, Pericles and The Tempest
  6. Vulnerable Territories: External Powers in Hamlet and Macbeth
  7. Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule
  8. Outside Territory: The Forest in As You Like It and Titus Andronicus

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