Scheduled and planned talks, with all the details I currently have, include:

3 July 2015, “Earth”, Conceptual History and Political Ideology workshop, University of Nottingham

4 July 2015, “Foucault and Shakespeare: Ceremony, Theatre and Politics“, Theatre, Performance, Foucault! workshop, King’s College London

11-12 September 2015, “Before the Punitive Society: The Inquiry of Théories et institutions pénales”, plenary lecture, Time Served: Discipline and Punish Forty Years On, The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

early October 2015 (date to be confirmed), “Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain”, Landscape Urbanism Programme at the Architectural Association, London

3 November 2015, lecture to Sidelights on Shakespeare, University of Warwick

10 December 2015, workshop on Foucault and Governmentality, Copenhagen

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