Peter Gordon on Heidegger’s Black Notebooks in the New York Review of Books

Peter Gordon on Heidegger’s ‘Black Notebooks’ in The New York Review of Books (requires subscription).

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International Conference on Critical Geography 2015, Ramallah, Palestine

Details of the 2015 International Conference on Critical Geography to be held in Ramallah, Palestine, 26-30 July (via Antipode).

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Lefebvre’s beach: Gordillo on Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment


An excellent review of the recently discovered book by Lefebvre on architecture.

Originally posted on Society and Space - Environment and Planning D:

image_miniGastón Gordillo reviews Henri Lefebvre’s newly published book Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment (University of Minnesota Press, 2014). An interview with Lukasz Stanek, the editor of the book, is available here.

Henri Lefebvre (1901-1991) was one of the most incisive, original, and prolific philosophers of the twentieth century, and his wide-ranging books profoundly redefined our understanding of space as something material, produced, embodied, and disrupted by conflict and violence. Yet, it is only in 2014 that we finally have access to his masterfulToward an Architecture of Enjoyment, his most forceful meditation on the spatial utopia he aspired to. Written in 1973 and subsequently forgotten for four decades, the book is an extraordinary exploration of the affective dimensions of space, a topic that was uncharted territory in the 1970s. Lefebvre tackled it with the creative heterodoxy that always characterized him, blending his acute spatial gaze, the critical…

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Rupal Oza – India’s relations with Israel and Palestine: Tracing a tectonic shift


Another new commentary on the Society and Space open site – this time on the relation India has to the situation in Israel and Palestine.

Originally posted on Society and Space - Environment and Planning D:

Rupal Oza’s 2007  Society and Space article, Contrapuntal geographies of threat and security: the United States, India, and Israelis currently open access as part of a virtual issue on Israel-Palestine. In it, she describes how India’s echoed US discursive constructions of Muslim males as dangerous after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and examines how this demarcation of ‘us against them’ created new political alliances between India, the United States and Israel. In her new commentary below, Oza expands and updates her analysis of India’s shifting relations with Israel and Palestine, and thus provides a critical take on India’s response to the recent devastation of Gaza.

-The Editors

As the Israeli attack on Gaza intensified in July 2014, a large poster made an appearance in front of some hotels in Mumbai that depicted icons of prominent U.S. products and read, “Indian Hoteliers boycott Israeli and U.S. products.” Boycott…

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Nadim Khoury – Receding chronology, fragmented narratives


A thoughtful piece at the Society and Space open site on the situation in Palestine from Nadim Khoury. When I was visiting Al Quds in 2013, Nadim was one of the people I was working with – a very interesting perspective that emphasises chronology and narrative as much as occupation, disruption and destruction of space.

Originally posted on Society and Space - Environment and Planning D:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.43.10 PM

Settler colonialism, like other forms of domination, divides as it conquers. The further it penetrates into a territory it has appropriated, the deeper it manages a people it has subjugated, the more it partitions, segments, and breaks apart. In Israel/Palestine, this fragmentation is most visible in the landscape of the so-called future Palestinian state where settler roads and apartheid walls strangle autonomous enclaves that are themselves receding. The hundreds of checkpoints that currently divide the West Bank turn short distances into long ones, reconfiguring the nexus between time and space for an entire population.

The legal division of Palestinians is just as pernicious as its geographic fragmentation. Recently, the Israeli Knesset passed a law that recognizes Palestinian Christians living in the Galilee as a separate minority, one that no longer counts as Arab. In one day, Christian Palestinian families scattered across the West Bank and the Galilee were divided…

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General Organology conference on Bernard Stiegler – University of Kent, 20-22 November 2014

General Organology: The Co-individuation of Minds, Bodies, Social Organisations and Technè

20-21-22 November 2014, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

Download Conference Programme

Register Online (for both guests and speakers)

A good lineup of speakers, including a closing keynote from Stiegler himself. More details here.

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Peter Hall memorial event October 22nd 2014, RGS, London

There is a memorial event for urbanist and planner Peter Hall at the Royal Geographical Society in London on October 22nd. The event is free but pre-registration is essential.

As previously posted, there is an obituary in The Guardian and one at Building Design.

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