Antonio Negri, The hope of the democratic monster, between Syriza and Podemos

Antonio Negri, The hope of the democratic monster, between Syriza and Podemos – thanks to dmfant for the link.

“A spectre is haunting Europe”. The Italian newspaper Il Manifesto used this headline a few days ago for its homepage, commenting on the visits of Tsipras and Varoufakis to European governments. A real nightmare for the ordoliberal Germans, a Geisterfahrer, to be precise, a suicidal conductor looking to collide with the European bus, as Der Spiegel described on its front pageImagine what could happen with the victory of Podemos in Spain: what a magnificent spectre would then be seen lurking about, a real monster created by the exploited and the productive forces of the fourth European economy! In just a few weeks, election rounds will begin in Spain, and the mantra of the European governments will be repeated, with double the force, in an attempt to frighten Spanish citizens. Let us prepare ourselves. With the certainty that the arrogance of the bad omens of this propaganda will be defeated. But in the meantime, let us prepare ourselves: What could Podemos say about Europe? (more here)

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Neil Brenner, The urban age in question: towards a new epistemology of the urban – University of Melbourne, 17 March 2015

Neil-brenner_3Neil Brenner, “The urban age in question: towards a new epistemology of the urban”, University of Melbourne, 17 March 2015 – details and registration here.

In what sense is the 21st century world urban? In this lecture, Neil Brenner critiques contemporary ideologies of the “urban age,” which confront this question with reference to the purported fact that more than 50% of the world’s population resides within cities. Against such demographic, city-centric understandings, Brenner excavates Henri Lefebvre’s (1970) notion of generalized urbanization for conceptual and methodological insights into the 21st century planetary urban condition. He argues that the geographies of urbanization can no longer be conceptualized exclusively with reference to cities, metropolitan regions or even megalopolises, but today encompass diverse patterns and pathways across the planetary sociospatial landscape, from Manhattan to the Matterhorn, from the Pearl River Delta to Mount Everest, from the Nile River valley to the Pacific Ocean. This variegated urban fabric must become the focal point for new approaches to urban theory, strategies of collective intervention and imaginaries of built environments.  Building on his ongoing research with Christian Schmid of the ETH Zurich, Brenner proposes a series of methodological strategies through which to analyze emergent landscapes of planetary urbanization.

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Open access books and articles on Michel Foucault


Some interesting books on Foucault here.

Originally posted on Foucault News:

You can find a large number of open access books and articles on Foucault at Open Editions. Items are mainly in French and Spanish with a few in English.

You can also find open access academic articles through the search engine FreeFullPdf

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Judy! – the 1993 Judith Butler fanzine available online

Judy1I linked to the 1978 Chez Foucault fanzine earlier this week; here’s the 1993 Judith Butler one, Judy!

Thanks to Ray Filar for the link to this – in response to a request from Nina Power on Facebook.

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Talks at University of New South Wales on Territory, Shakespeare and Geopolitics in March

I’ll be back in Sydney in a couple of weeks for two events. Please note the date of the second has changed.

Territory from Shakespeare to Geo-politics10 March 2015, 4pm, “Territory from Shakespeare to Geo-politics”, School of Humanities and Languages, John Goodsell 221/223, University of New South Wales -websiteposterabstract 



image00311 12 March 2015, 10-4pm, “Geopolitics, Geopower, Geometrics”, workshop, Room 101 LAW Building, University of New South Wales (websiteposter) – This will look at The Birth of Territory in the morning and an unpublished paper in the afternoon. Workshop is supported by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Environmental Humanities Group and the Biopolitical Studies Research Network at UNSW.

Many thanks to Matt Kearnes for arranging these visits. Details of all future talks are here.

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‘Foucault’s Third Course on Governmentality’ – audio recording of University of Sydney lecture

2015 - Elden-low resThe audio recording of my lecture “Foucault’s Third Course on Governmentality”, at Department of Political Economy/Centre for International Security Studies (CISS), University of Sydney is available here.

Thanks to Adam David Morton and his colleagues for the invitation and hosting this, and the audience for their engagement.

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8 Critical Theory books that came out in Feb 2015 – Agamben, Nail, Virno, etc.


A good list of some recent theory books here.

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