Obama, Drones, and FiveThirtyEight

Despite the disappointments of his first term, and the drones, I was still pleased to see Obama’s reelection. Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight was indeed very accurate.

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1 Response to Obama, Drones, and FiveThirtyEight

  1. Chathan says:

    Afraid I can’t share your sympathy. Yes Romney was horrible, but lets not forget that on foreign policy they are more or less the same. Also, Romney has a history of amplifying his conservative message to win votes while in practice being quite pragmatic. Even on key issues like healthcare, reproductive rights and gay rights, Obama has far from shone. In Healthcare, he made a backroom deal with pharmaceutical companies tossing the public option away, blaming the loss on Congress. Call it pragmatism but when you remember Obama’s campaign was built on challenging “poltiics as usual” in DC, while this is an example of just that, “DC politics”. Admittedly Obama is better on reproductive rights. However, he is not free of the sin of watering down legislation when it suits him. When the FDA challenged a ruling regulating sales of contraception to underage girls, Obama’s HHSS secretary Sibelius overruled the FDA’s decision, with Obama defending her decision on the basis of family values. And yes, Obama endorsed LGBT people’s right to marry and have the same benefits as everyone else before adding of course that this is a state’s issue. A person whose administration previously defined gay rights as human rights now would have this essential human right be relegated to individual state decisionmaking. As a bisexual person myself, I find that horrendous. And let’s not forget, both Obama and Romney defend the abusive practices of bankers and Wall Street magnates. Matt Stoler wrote two good articles on Salon describing why Progressives should be more disappointed with Obama and that rather than clinging to individual issues where Obama shines, should work on building a larger, stronger platform, independent of the Democratic Party. A platform that ties issues like gay rights, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, etc to a larger program of social justice. Sorry for my rant. But I cannot share the relief felt by some on the Left towards Obama. With all due respect.

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