The London International Boundary Conference 2013

King’s College London, Volterra Fietta and UK Hydrographic Office have organised The London International Boundary Conference 2013, a two day event 18-19 March 2013 with a pre-conference technical workshop. It’s expensive, but has a heavily discounted rate for students.

The Conference speakers are among the world’s leading experts and practitioners in the resolution and management of territorial disputes. They will examine recent developments in disputed “hotspots” around the world, and discuss new and emerging ideas for the resolution and management of territorial disputes, from legal, geopolitical, technical, commercial and other viewpoints. The Conference will examine how these varied, emerging perspectives might inform a more integrated approach to international boundary and territorial disputes. The Conference, which will be attended by delegates and speakers from all over the world, will provide a unique and multidisciplinary insight into the complex world of international boundary and sovereignty disputes and will attract all those with an interest in international boundary and sovereignty issues. Please click on the links below for further information.

List of SpeakersSchedule • Participation fee

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