Sloterdijk Now reviewed

As far as I know, this is the first review of Sloterdijk Now – in German Studies Review by Jeffrey Champlin (requires subscription). Here’s a couple of excerpts:

0745651356This volume, Sloterdijk Now, succeeds as a compact and accessible introduction to the work of a thinker who has written a great deal for both specialist and generalist audiences. Elden’s introduction provides a concise chronological overview of Sloterdijk’s work from Kritik der zynischen Vernunft (1983) to Du mußt dein Leben(2009) that will be helpful for those seeking initial orientation. The articles that follow cover a broad range of texts and topics and for the most part proceed as commentaries that establish internal connections while adding historical and cultural context…

… in addition to the broad work of introduction and orientation that the essays in this volume accomplish, a further specific insight emerges regarding the importance of materiality in Sloterdijk’s work. Beneath his colorful references to culture and fondness for playing the gadfly, he appears to be mining the productive contrast between Heidegger’s phenomenologically influenced method, which never succeeded in freeing itself fully from a subjective viewpoint but also never sank to the level of the mere body, and the challenges to contemporary thinking raised by concrete modifications of human life.

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