Radical Philosophy 187 now out

187coverwebwebRadical Philosophy No 187 is now out

Commentary: Deadly Algorithms

Can legal codes hold software accountable for code that kills?
– Susan Schuppli

Article: ‘For all that gives rise to an inscription in general’
– Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

Article: Helen Macfarlane
Independent object
– David Black and Ben Watson

Article: The contingency of cheese
On Fredric Jameson’s The Antinomies of Realism
– David Cunningham

Article: A metaphysical turn?
Bruno Latour’s An Inquiry into Modes of Existence
– Patrice Maniglier

Reviews: 187 Reviews – Iain MacKenzie, Nina Power, Steve Howard, Simon Morgan Wortham, Hannah Proctor, Mark Sanders, Lucy Bond and Thomas Klikauer

Conference Report: Critical philosophy of race: here and now
5–6 June 2014, Senate House, University of London
– Harpal Singh

Obituary: Realism and moral being
Andrew Collier, 1944–2014
– Peter Osborne and William Outhwaite

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