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Books received – review work for Polity and Sage

A pile of recent books received in recompense for review work, and a couple of others sent by Polity from their Key Contemporary Thinkers series.

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Academic Books of 2016 – my personal list

Many of the academic books I read this year were for the Foucault and Shakespeare work, and few were published this year. This alphabetical list is of the twenty books published this year which I read and liked the most. … Continue reading

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Judith Butler – Borders and the Politics of Mourning video (keynote and discussion)

Judith Butler – Borders and the Politics of Mourning Panel discussion with Maurizio Albahari, Alexandra Délano, Jenny Edkins, Burkhard Liebsch, and Benjamin Nienass, followed by comments from Banu Bargu and Anne McNevin.

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Giving Life to Politics – conference on work of Adriana Cavarero, Brighton, 19-21 June 2017

Giving Life to Politics – conference on work of Adriana Cavarero Date and Venue: 19th-21st June 2017, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University of Brighton Keynote speakers: Adriana Cavarero, Judith Butler, Bonnie Honig Deadline for abstract submission: 28th … Continue reading

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Judith Butler, Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly reviewed at NDPR

Judith Butler, Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly, is reviewed by Christoph Menke at NDPR. Earlier reviews appeared in the Times Higher Education and the LSE Politics and Policy blog.

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Sara Ahmed interviews Judith Butler in Sexualities (open access)

Sara Ahmed interviews Judith Butler in Sexualities (open access) – the interview is mainly about Gender Trouble.

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Judith Butler, Tanner lectures at Yale on Interpreting Non-Violence

“Interpreting Non-Violence” will be the theme of the 2016 Tanner Lectures on Human Values, which will be delivered by Judith Butler, a noted philosopher and gender theorist. Her first talk — “Why Preserve the Life of the Other?” — will … Continue reading

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Books received – Butler, Gillies, Iovino, GeoHumanities, New Perspectives, The Funambulist

Books received – Judith Butler’s Notes toward a Performative Theory of Assembly, John Gillies, Shakespeare and the Geography of Difference, Serenella Iovino, Ecocriticism and Italy (sent by the publisher), and recent issues of GeoHumanities, New Perspectives, and The Funambulist.

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Academic Books of 2015 – my top twenty

The vast majority of academic reading in 2015 was related to Foucault, with a lot of Shakespeare work along the way. Many of these were published some time ago. These were the twenty books published in 2015 I read and most … Continue reading

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Judith Butler lectures on the Performative Theory of Assembly

The Sociological Imagination has gathered up online lectures relating to Judith Butler’s new book Notes Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly.  Here’s the first of them – the ‘Human Shield’ London Review of International Law lecture given at the LSE in February 2015:

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