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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot’s prison letters to Slavoj Žižek

A remarkable exchange of letters between Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot and Slavoj Žižek, published in The Guardian. [Update – a little more here]

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Charlotte Heath-Kelly – Politics of Violence

New book out from my Warwick colleague Charlotte Heath-Kelly – Politics of Violence: Militancy, International Politics, Killing in the Name. Great shame about the price though. Critical thinkers like Foucault, Benjamin, Derrida and Žižek have long challenged the liberal separation of … Continue reading

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Slavoj Žižek, The Perverts’ Guide to Ideology – poster and trailer


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Heidegger – Nature, History, State: 1933-1934

[update: thanks to Harvey Shoolman for details – the hardback of this is now published; a paperback is due in 2015. The seminars were published in German in the Heidegger Jahrbuch vols 4 and 5]. Intriguing news of a new volume … Continue reading

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Hegel, Our Untimely Contemporary – conference with Slavoj Žižek

May 10-12, 2013, The Birkbeck Institute, London – full details here (via Verso blog) Hegel is the ultimate bête noire of the last two centuries of philosophy:proponents of Lebensphilosophie, existentialists from Kierkegaard onwards, materialists, historicists, analytic philosophers and empiricists, Marxists, … Continue reading

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Books received

A couple of old translations of Hegel, Žižek’s fairly early book on Hegel, Judith Butler’s Parting Ways, Engin Isin’s Citizens without Frontiers, and Matthieu Rigoste, L’ennemi intérieur, borrowed from Gerald Moore.  

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Robert Pippin on Žižek’s Less Than Nothing

A detailed and thoughtful review at Mediations – thanks to Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz for the link.

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Slavoj Žižek interview in Salon

Rather late linking to this.

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London Critical Theory Summer School – Birkbeck, 1-12 July 2013

The 2013 London Critical Theory Summer School will take place at Birkbeck from 1st July – 12th July 2013. This unique opportunity is for graduate students and academics to follow a course of study and to foster exchange and debate. … Continue reading

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Mapping… – reissue of the series from Verso

Verso have reissued their Mapping series.  Mapping Ideology; edited by Slavoj Žižek; Mapping Subaltern Studies and the Postcolonial, edited by Vinayak Chaturvedi and Mapping the Nation edited by Gopal Balakrishnan.

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