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Books received – Delaporte, Lecourt, Ginestier, Eribon, Lichnerowicz, Perroux and Gadoffre

Some second-hand books for the Canguilhem and Foucault work Advertisements

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Books received – Dumézil, Canguilhem, Nail, Irrera & Vaccaro, Villacañas & Castro, Foucault, Kotowicz, Braunstein et al, Bleiker

A pile of recently received books – Georges Dumézil, Entretiens avec Didier Eribon; Georges Canguilhem, Études d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences; Thomas Nail, Lucretius I: An Ontology of Motion; Orazio Irrera & Salvo Vaccaro, La pensée politique de Foucault, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Phenomenology: Gaston Bachelard – forthcoming with SUNY Press

Adventures in Phenomenology: Gaston Bachelard, edited by Eileen Rizo-Patron, Edward S. Casey and Jason M. Wirth – forthcoming with SUNY Press. Currently listed only as an expensive hardback, hopefully a paperback edition will follow. Like Schelling before him and Deleuze and … Continue reading

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