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Robert Pippin on Žižek’s Less Than Nothing

A detailed and thoughtful review at Mediations – thanks to Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz for the link.

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Books received

A pile of new books including six Polity titles received in recompense for review work, Tom McCarthy’s novel C, Esposito’s Living Thought, and a few by Hegel for a possible future project.

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Kant in Atlanta

Between Christmas and New Year I attended a couple of days of the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meeting in Atlanta. The main reason was for an invited session on the Reading Kant’s Geography book I co-edited with Eduardo Mendieta … Continue reading

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Hegel’s Political Philosophy

Thom Brook’s book Hegel’s Political Philosophy: A Systematic Introduction is online. A second edition is forthcoming (via The Brooks blog).

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Reading the Classics of Western Philosophy

List below and survey here. The queston asked is how many of these have you read. And the whole of these books, not some, not an abbreviated form. I’m claiming 18 of these, and bits, sometimes substantial, of others. Never read any Sidgwick, Moore, … Continue reading

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Difficult Books

Publishers Weekly has a list of ten of the most difficult books to read. Heidegger and Hegel make the list, but it is dominated by fiction. Worth it, for me at least, because it links to the original list and discussion … Continue reading

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Hemming on Heidegger and Marx

Laurence Paul Hemming, Heidegger and Marx: A Productive Dialogue over the Language of Humanism, forthcoming with Northwestern University Press in early 2013. I was one of the readers of the ms. and it’s a terrific study. Here’s the blurb – the … Continue reading

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Žižek’s suggested books on Hegel

Before, after or alongside reading Slavoj Žižek book on Hegel, these are the books he suggests we read on Hegel. And the picture chosen to illustrate the Verso post brought back some old childhood memories…

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Slavoj Žižek interview in The Guardian

Here. Too much information at times. Also disappointing that he avoids talking about his new book, especially when he has made the claim that he is tired of the jokes and wants his Hegel book to be the serious focus. See … Continue reading

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Slavoj Žižek interview on Less Than Nothing

Brief interview on the publication of Less Than Nothing  – and excerpt from the book – via the Verso blog.

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