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Giorgio Agamben, The Use of Bodies – available to pre-order

Giorgio Agamben, The Use of Bodies – available to pre-order. Giorgio Agamben’s Homo Sacer was one of the seminal works of political philosophy in recent decades. It was also the beginning of a series of interconnected investigations of staggering ambition and scope, … Continue reading

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The revised order of Agamben’s Homo Sacer series

Adam Kotsko has the details here. Now complete in Italian, and nearly in English: 1. Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life 2.1. State of Exception 2.2. Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm 2.3. The Sacrament of Language: An Archeology of the Oath … Continue reading

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Society and Space open access highlight papers updated

The ‘highlights’ section of the Environment and Planning D: Society and Space website has been updated. Several recent papers are now available open access – including pieces by Giorgio Agamben, Henri Lefebvre, Bruce Braun, Melissa Wright, Katharyne Mitchell, Sarah Elwood, Matthew Gandy…

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Reflections on Agamben’s Homo Sacer: The Last Act (L’Uso dei Corpi)

At Critical Legal Thinking, Flavio Michele Ceci discusses ‘Homo Sacer: The Last Act’ – the recent publication of Giorgio Agamben’s L’uso dei Corpi — forthcoming in English translation as The Use (or Usage?) of Bodies. Here’s the first paragraph: Giorgio Agamben has abandoned Homo sacer. By his own … Continue reading

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Giorgio Agamben, Pilate and Jesus – forthcoming in February 2015

Giorgio Agamben, Pilate and Jesus, translated by Adam Kotsko – forthcoming in February 2015. Pontius Pilate is one of the most enigmatic figures in Christian theology. The only non-Christian to be named in the Nicene Creed, he is presented as a … Continue reading

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Adam Kotsko, Agamben translator, on ‘The experience of translating’

Adam Kotsko, one of the key recent Agamben translators, reflects on ‘The experience of translating‘. I particularly appreciated the work of filling in the references and notes to texts in English. Here’s the first paragraph – well-worth a read, and … Continue reading

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“Thought is the courage of hopelessness” – interview with Giorgio Agamben

“Thought is the courage of hopelessness: an interview with philosopher Giorgio Agamben” at the Verso blog (translated from a French original).  

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Will Viney, Waste: A Philosophy of Things – forthcoming in July

Will Viney, Waste: A Philosophy of Things – out now in July with Bloomsbury. 35% discount with code GLR D3D. Will kindly gave me a proof copy. It provides a very interesting approach to the topic, including an intriguing reading of King Lear, substantial discussion of … Continue reading

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The art of Homo Sacer

Originally posted on geographical imaginations:
 James Bridle‘s new installation, Homo Sacer, has opened at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool, as part of its Science Fiction: New Death exhibition: Explore how our relationship with technology has blurred the lines…

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Giorgio Agamben – The Homo Sacer series structure in visual form

Thanks to Nicholas Dahmann for updating this image. According to some reports, II, 4 will not be published and the designation of Opus Dei as II, 5 may have been an error. L’uso dei corpi [The Use of Bodies] is the last planned … Continue reading

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