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The Early Foucault update 5: Canguilhem, Merleau-Ponty, Politzer, Lacan…

Until about a week ago I was focusing on the terrain work, for the London Review of International Law lecture, the conference in Oslo, and the lecture in Maynooth. But in and around other things I was also doing a … Continue reading

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Back from Oslo and the ‘Technologies of Space: Verticality, Volume, Infrastructure’ symposium

I’m now back after a good trip to Oslo for the Technologies of Space: Verticality, Volume, Infrastructure symposium I spoke on the topic of “Terrain’s Volume”, which was a version of a talk I’ve now given in Gießen, Durham, and London. It’s nearing a … Continue reading

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Books received – Canguilhem, Lefebvre, Farge and Foucault, Nail, Weber, Repo, Pasnau

Four books from OUP in recompense for review work (Thomas Nail, Theory of the Border; Cynthia Weber, Queer International Relations; Jemina Repo, The Biopolitics of Gender and Robert Pasnau, Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671), the long-awaited English translation of Arlette Farge and Michel … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series

Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings is to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series. It’s not out until October, but the previous version is still in print. There are no changes to the new version – in fact I wasn’t even told … Continue reading

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Goldsmiths Seminar Series – Rhythmanalysis: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

This CHASE-funded seminar series foregrounds rhythm and rhythmanalysis by highlighting their relevance and richness as methodological perspectives and practices within the humanities. The six sessions will explore various approaches to time and rhythm as those found in the work of key critical theorists, … Continue reading

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A year in review – talks, publications and writing, plus links to my ‘best-of’ lists

I began 2016 with a lengthy manuscript on the 1969-75 period of Foucault’s work, partly developed from the large sections cut from the manuscript of Foucault’s Last Decade. The main task accomplished in the first part of this year was … Continue reading

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Academic Books of 2016 – my personal list

Many of the academic books I read this year were for the Foucault and Shakespeare work, and few were published this year. This alphabetical list is of the twenty books published this year which I read and liked the most. … Continue reading

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Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre? – reading guide updated

I’ve updated my reading guide ‘Where to start with reading Henri Lefebvre?’ – with a link to the new translation of Marxist Thought and the City and the forthcoming paperback edition of Sue Middleton’s book.

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Henri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City published and 30% discount code

Henri Lefebvre, Marxist Thought and the City, translated by Robert Bonnano and with a brief preface by me has been published by University of Minnesota Press. It is available in cloth and paperback editions, and can be ordered with a 30% discount … Continue reading

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Verso End of Year Highlights 2016 (with 50% off) – includes Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy

Verso End of Year Highlights list for 2016 – with 50% off all books – includes Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy (edited by Stuart Elden; translated by David Fernbach). Available for the first time in English, Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy features this beautiful die-cut cover design (by Neil … Continue reading

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