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Books received – Soussloff and Favreau on Foucault, Kleinberg, Gandal, Höfele, Flynn on Sartre, Withers

Some recently received books – Catherine M. Soussloff, Foucault on Painting; Jean-François Favreau, Vertiges de l’écriture : Michel Foucault et la littérature (1954-1970); Ethan Kleinberg, Haunting History: For a Deconstructive Approach to the Past; Keith Gandal, The Gun and the Pen: Hemingway, … Continue reading

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Figure/Ground interview with Leonard Lawlor

Figure/Ground interview with Leonard Lawlor – lots of good discussion of European philosophy, including Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, Heidegger and Lyotard. Also some interesting comments about writing: What advice would you give to young graduate students and aspiring university professors? I … Continue reading

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Foucault, Les aveux de la chair – Gallimard page and a few more details

Michel Foucault, Les aveux de la chair, the fourth volume of his History of Sexuality, is scheduled for publication in February 2018. The Gallimard page now has a few more details, including its length at 448 pages (volumes II and III, in the … Continue reading

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In the Shadow of Dictatorship: Foucault in Brazil – Marcelo Hoffman video abstract

In this short video, Marcelo Hoffman discusses his review essay of Heliana de Barros Conde Rodrigues’s book Ensaios sobre Michel Foucault no Brasil: Presença, efeitos, ressonâncias (Michel Foucault in Brazil: Presence, Effects, Resonances). His full review is available online and in … Continue reading

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Back to writing in 2018 – Foucault, Canguilhem and Lefebvre

As the blog posts of the last couple of days indicate, I’m back at my desk working. The first writing submitted this year was a 2000 word piece entitled ‘Foucault, Biography, and Posthumous Publications’, destined for the American Book Review. … Continue reading

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A year in review – publications, writing, talks, etc.

This is my last day of work in 2017. Tomorrow we head to Tenerife for ten days holiday, hoping for sunshine and lots of cycling. The last major work task I completed today was the copyediting queries for Shakespearean Territories. … Continue reading

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My favourite academic books of 2017

  I don’t think I read as many new books this year as previous years, and the ‘to read’ piles get ever higher… But these are the academic books published in 2017 which I particularly liked: Update: the lists for … Continue reading

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Catherine M. Soussloff, Foucault in the Contemporary Archive

While I’m still waiting for her book, Foucault on Painting, to make it across the Atlantic, Catherine Soussloff has written a very interesting post about working on Foucault’s unpublished writings on painting to be found in the archives. Last spring, … Continue reading

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Books received – Titus Andronicus, Sheridan, Lorenzini & Sforzini and Weizman

The revised edition of the Arden Third Series, Titus Andronicus, edited by Jonathan Bate; a second-hand copy of Alan Sheridan’s Michel Foucault: The Will to Truth; Lorenzini and Sforzini’s collection Un demi-siècle d’ « Histoire de la folie »; and … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 15: Working on Maladie mentale et personnalité and some archival and library work in Paris

Earlier this month I finished working through Maladie mentale et personnalité, which I discussed beginning in the last update, and have drafted a substantial section analyzing the book. I imagine I can only use a fraction of the quotes I … Continue reading

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