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Viewpoint Magazine forum on The Crisis of Marxism – Althusser, Balibar, Poulantzas, Buci-Glucksmann, etc.

The Crisis of Marxism – Asad Haider and Patrick King in Viewpoint Magazine Crisis Theory | Asad Haider In 1977 Louis Althusser gave a famous speech in Venice on “the crisis of Marxism,” a thesis almost as scandalous as that of an epistemological … Continue reading

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Bob Jessop’s 1984 book on Nicos Poulantzas available as a free pdf

Bob Jessop’s excellent 1984 book on Nicos Poulantzas available as a free pdf at

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Lefebvre and Poulantzas review essay

The new issue of Society and Space is out. Among the interesting papers is a review essay by Andrew Jonas of The Poulantzas Reader and the State, Space, World collection of Henri Lefebvre’s work that Neil Brenner and I edited. … Continue reading

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