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Peter Sloterdijk in conversation with Nigel Thrift at the Tate

On Saturday 16th June, at the Tate gallery in London – “Spaces of Transformation: Spatialised Immunity”. Peter Sloterdijk’s philosophico-morphological theory is based on an understanding of the history of culture as spatialisations of forms. The world in which we live now requires … Continue reading

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Ian Bogost – Alien Phenomenology

Ian Bogost has news of his very shortly forthcoming book Alien Phenomenology, with  University of Minnesota Press. A bold new metaphysics that explores how all things—from atoms to green chiles, cotton to computers—interact with, perceive, and experience one another In … Continue reading

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Gerard Toal on political affect

Interesting post from Gerard Toal (Gearóid Ó Tuathail) on political affect, which links to a piece he wrote for Antipode in 2004, and where he promises to develop an affective geopolitics. Most contemporary geographers will be aware that the discipline … Continue reading

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Thrift on refereeing in crisis

In the Chronicle of Higher Education. Thanks to Sam Kinsey for posting this in comments – I’ve reposted so it is more widely seen.

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Chris Philo on the ‘new Foucault’

Chris Philo discusses the Foucault lecture courses, and their potential for human geography, in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (requires subscription). This paper argues that we may now speak of a ‘new Foucault’ with more to say to … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift on blogging, academic communication and the formation of new fields

At the Chronicle of Higher Education blog. Speculative Realism is the spur to the reflections, but the points are broader. Thanks to ANTHEM for the link.

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Sloterdijk Now details

Polity now have a more detailed page up for this book, with blurb and table of contents. The book is on schedule for publication in December.

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Society and Space – writing its history

I’ve been spending the last several days writing the introduction to the volume of Society and Space papers for the Sage Environment and Planning collection. It’s been fascinating to go over the journal’s back issues, yet again, and trace the … Continue reading

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Pop Theory on Sloterdijk

Clive Barnett at Pop Theory says a bit about Sloterdijk here. His suggestion that Sloterdijk is “all the rage in spatial-theory-land” at the moment seems a bit strong, given that his two references are to a journal issue I co-edited and … Continue reading

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Society and Space 29/1 out

Vol 29 No 1 of Society and Space is now available – here It includes five papers on counterterror culture – films, novels, internet discussions – and papers on a range of other topics including animal research, urban planning in … Continue reading

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