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Interviews on Foucault’s Last Decade – one out, one discussion forthcoming

Peter Gratton kindly links to my Interview with Eugene Wolters at, which I shared at the weekend, and also mentions that he is currently interviewing me, along with Eduardo Mendieta and Dianna Taylor, for Symposium. The interview uses the book as a starting … Continue reading

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Michael Naas on forms of life in Plato – audio recording

Michael Naas on forms of life in Plato – audio recording from a talk at Memorial University of Newfoundland. A fascinating talk on bios and zoe throughout Plato’s work – which adds much needed nuance to the rather crude distinction Agamben … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton, Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects reviewed at NDPR

Peter Gratton, Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects, is reviewed by Rick Dolphijn, at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (open access).  

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Jeff Malpas, On the Reading of Heidegger – Situating the Black Notebooks

Jeff Malpas, “On the Reading of Heidegger – Situating the Black Notebooks” at This is the draft introduction to a forthcoming collection on the Notebooks, co-edited with Ingo Farin. Thanks to Enowning for the link. Peter Gratton comments at … Continue reading

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Diacritics theme issue on Jean-Luc Nancy

Diacritics theme issue on Jean-Luc Nancy – 42.4 from 2014 Thanks to Peter Gratton for the link.

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Adrian Johnston interviewed by Graham Harman

At the EUP site, Adrian Johnston is interviewed by Graham Harman, mainly about his latest book Adventures in Transcendental Materialism (via Graham’s blog). When you’re done with that, you can also check out Peter Gratton’s interview with Adrian at the Society and … Continue reading

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Peter Gratton reviews Stiegler & Technics; Derrida’s The Death Penalty; and Johnston on Materialism

Peter Gratton has been busy with reviews recently… A review of Christina Howells and Gerald Moore (eds.), Stiegler and Technics at NDPR A review article at Berfrois on Derrida’s The Death Penalty, Vol. 1  And a review article in Symposium on Adrian Johnston’s Prolegomena to Any Future … Continue reading

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Foucault lecture at Memorial University Newfoundland – audio recording

The audio recording of the George Story Lecture in Humanities I gave at Memorial University of Newfoundland, entitled “Knowledge, Truth, Power: The Politics of Foucault’s Leçons sur la volonté de savoir”, is now available here. There is a gap in the recording about … Continue reading

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Bill Martin scholar session audio

Bill Martin was the focus of a scholar session at the recent SPEP conference. Peter Gratton spoke at this and recorded it and has posted the audio here.

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Quentin Meillassoux – ‘Iteration, Reiteration, Repetition’ text

Meillassoux’s 20th April 2012 lecture in Berlin is now online. Not sure how authorised this is, but Peter Gratton and Graham Harman have both linked to it. Graham has some thoughts in response in his post.

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