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Evans & Reid – Resilient Life: The Art of Living Dangerously

Out soon with Polity Press What does it mean to live dangerously? This is not just a philosophical question or an ethical call to reflect upon our own individual recklessness. It is a deeply political issue, fundamental to the new … Continue reading

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Mark Neocleous, War Power, Police Power

Mark Neocleous’s book War Power, Police Power is due for publication in February 2014. From waste to drones and no-fly zones Why is liberalism so obsessed with waste? Is there a drone above you now? Are you living in a … Continue reading

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Radical Philosophy 179 now out

Walter Benjamin, `On Theoretical Foundations: Theses on Brecht (1930)’ Howard Caygill, `Philosophy and the Black Panthers’ Stella Sandford, `The Fantasy of the Birth of Concepts in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason’ Andy Merrifield, `Citizens’ Agora: The New Urban Question’ Emma … Continue reading

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Call for Papers Rethinking Governance in a World of Complexity

Call for Papers Rethinking Governance in a World of Complexity Two-day Workshop on June 27th-28th, 2013, in Duisburg, Germany The Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research is a new and independent research institution of the University of … Continue reading

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Radical Philosophy 178 now out

 Commentary: Resisting Resilience, Mark Neocleous Article: Extraction, logistics, finance Global crisis and the politics of operations – Sandro Mezzadra  and Brett Neilson Article: An introduction to Françoise Collin’s ‘Name of the father’, Penelope Deutscher Article: Name of the Father, ‘One’ of … Continue reading

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Governing Emergencies – workshop at Durham

Governing Emergencies 9/10 December 2010 (Starting at 2.00 on the 9th) Two Day Workshop. Department of Geography, Durham University Papers include: Peter Adey (Keele University), Ben Anderson (Durham University) and Steve Graham (Newcastle): Event and Anticipation: Governing Emergencies in UK … Continue reading

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