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Over at Brian Leiter’s blog, there is a discussion about publishing books. The initial questions are asked by a philosopher, but they are fairly generic for humanities/social sciences. My response to the questions would be something like this. I’ve included … Continue reading

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George Monbiot on academic publishing

In The Guardian, fuller version on his own site. [update: some interesting comments on the New Apps blog. This obviously links to previous discussions of the topic. See, for example, my comments here. The final paragraph of that is, I … Continue reading

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Butler on Arendt

Butler on Arendt in The Guardian. The occasion is 50 years since Arendt saw the Adolf Eichmann trial. [update – just seen that she is speaking  in September in a paper that discusses Arendt. The videos of past events, including … Continue reading

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Foucault on Politics, Security and War short review

Foucault on Politics, Security and War came out in paperback earlier this year. There is a brief review at the LSE ‘Politics and Policy’ blog. I have a piece in this collection that I think is one of my best pieces on … Continue reading

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Book Series news

Speculative Heresy has news of a book series on biopolitics and community with Fordham University Press. It is edited by Timothy Campbell, and looks like it will mainly comprise translations, with forthcoming titles including ones by Jean-Luc Nancy and Roberto Esposito. … Continue reading

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‘Territory without Borders’ in the Harvard International Review

My piece ‘Territory without Borders’ has now been published in the Harvard International Review. It’s on their website here. Update: couple of nice reactions here and here.

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Antipode call for new cover art

Antipode, the radical geography journal, has issued a call for new cover art. You can find full details, including earlier examples of cover art, here.

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On Writing (in an Interview with Paul Ennis)

Oliver Belcher suggested I link to the interview I did with Paul Ennis a couple of years ago, which has a discussion of writing in it towards the end. A slightly longer version of this interview went into the Post-Continental Voices … Continue reading

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Background reading on the English riots

Two of the best pieces I read on the recent English riots were by Owen Hatherley and Owen Jones. Their recently published books (both with Verso) are really worth reading as background to the context in which these events took … Continue reading

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Bomb in UN building in Abuja

Breaking news of a bomb at the UN building in Abuja. BBC News and The Guardian, for instance. Susan works in the UN building in Kano, which has been closed as a precaution. She’s regularly in the Abuja one too, … Continue reading

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