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Foucault Studies 17 now out – Foucault and Deleuze

A special issue on Foucault and Deleuze, edited by Nicolae Morar, Thomas Nail, Daniel W. Smith, and including essays by William Connolly and Dianna Taylor; plus unconnected articles and a large number of reviews.

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Recursions: a new book series in media & cultural theory

Originally posted on Machinology:
We are proud to announce the launch of a new book series titled Recursions: Theories of Media, Materiality and Cultural Techniques. Placed with Amsterdam University Press, a publisher known for its strong track-record in film and…

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Seeing the secret state with Trevor Paglen

Originally posted on War Law Space:
Earlier this week I blogged about Trevor Paglen’s new work over at Intercept, and now Joseph Lee (via Gab Olah) send news of a talk Paglen gave at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin last…

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Three forthcoming papers (require subscription)

New papers in Society and Space – discussing social movements, Kant’s Geography, and water in the city.

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Claire Colebrook, Death of the PostHuman: Essays on Extinction, Vol. 1 – pdf available online

Claire Colebrook’s Death of the PostHuman: Essays on Extinction, Vol. 1 is available online and as downloadable pdf from Open Humanities Press – print version coming soon. Death of the PostHuman undertakes a series of critical encounters with the legacy of what … Continue reading

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E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left

  E.P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left: Essays and Polemics by E. P. Thompson; edited by Cal Winslow – out in June with Monthly Review Press. More details and endorsements at the site – here’s the blurb. E. P. Thompson … Continue reading

Posted in Books, E. P. Thompson, Politics | 2 Comments’s five books that came out in April‘s five books that came out in April – Agamben and Politics, Reasoning with Who we are, Making Money, The Imperial University and… Why are Animals Funny?

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Urban theory without an outside: Neil Brenner

Originally posted on the anthropo.scene:
This has been online for a few weeks, but now made time to watch it – a very helpful lecture by Neil Brenner outlining the work of the Harvard Urban Theory Lab and his edited collection Implosions/Explosions. This, and other … Continue reading

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Nazism and the German Academy

Originally posted on PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR:
Eric Schwitzgebel provides a translation to the preface of a 1935 issue of the journal Kant-Studien, which shows just how much the academy (obviously not just Heidegger) rolled over Kantian and other philosophical…

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Book review symposium – James C. Scott’s ‘Two Cheers for Anarchism’

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Just in time for this year’s festival of self-organisation on May 1st, International Workers’ Day, we’re pleased to present a book review symposium on James C. Scott’s Two Cheers for Anarchism. Professor of Anthropology in Yale…

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