Seeing the secret state with Trevor Paglen

A superbly illustrated, deeply disturbing, and yet very entertaining insight into rendering the secret visible with Trevor Paglen. I’ve said before that Trevor gave one of the best twenty-minute AAG presentations I’ve ever seen, and he is just as good over fifty minutes here. His paper ‘Goatsucker: toward a spatial theory of state secrecy’ is one of the open access highlight papers at Society and Space.

War Law Space

Earlier this week I blogged about Trevor Paglen’s new work over at Intercept, and now Joseph Lee (via Gab Olah) send news of a talk Paglen gave at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin last December. It’s remarkably perceptive and provides insight into the digital and logistical mechanics of his photography as well as his take on secrecy. He insists that secrecy is not merely what we don’t know, but rather a way of seeing and a way of organising society that always leaves a trace in the non-secret world. And, as ever, his visuals are stunning: well worth the full 50 minutes.

For more on Paglen and his other work see commentaries from geographicalimaginations here and here, or Paglen’s site here.

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