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Michael Hardt – Empire, 20 Years On (podcast)

Michael Hardt – Empire, 20 Years On Michael Hardt joined Coop and Taylor for a look at his work with a focus on an article from he and Toni Negri titled, Empire, 20 Years On. We look back at some … Continue reading

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Campbell and Sitze, Biopolitics: A Reader – introduction available online

This looks a useful resource – Timothy Campbell and Adam Sitze, Biopolitics; A Reader. The introduction is available online here. This anthology collects the texts that defined the concept of biopolitics, which has become so significant throughout the humanities and social … Continue reading

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Disclosure – issue on Security, with an interview with Jane Guyer, Stuart Elden, Russ Castronovo and Michael Hardt

The new issue of the University of Kentucky journal DisClosure is now available. It is on the theme of Security, and includes excerpts from an interview with me from when I visited UK last year, alongside contributions from Jane Guyer, … Continue reading

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Mark Purcell, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy

Mark Purcell’s new book, The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy, is now available to pre-order. It has very positive endorsements from Peter Marcuse and Susan Fainstein. The book uses Lefebvre, among others, to think about politics, the urban and democracy. Mark … Continue reading

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Hardt and Negri declaration

This is not a mani­festo. Mani­fes­tos provide a glimpse of a world to come and also call into being the sub­ject, who although now only a specter must mater­i­al­ize to become the agent of change. Mani­fes­tos work like the ancient … Continue reading

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More downloads

It’s been a while since I put a few papers up online. Here are five more – Elden, S. Reassessing Kant’s Geography. Journal of Historical Geography. 2009;35:3-25. Elden, S. Taking the measure of the Beiträge: Heidegger, National Socialism and the … Continue reading

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Kentucky poster

Nice poster for my talk in Kentucky next week – you can see the earlier ones for Michael Hardt and Russ Castronovo, and the series as a whole, here.

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Marx Reloaded UK premiere

Details here; and an interview with the director here.

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Hardt and Negri on what to expect in 2012

Some thoughts on 2011 and predictions for what is to come, here.

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Roundup – things to read

Hardt and Negri on “The Problem of Transition” (supposedly on the Occupy movement, but really an excerpt from Commonwealth) David Campbell – ‘The elusive enemy: Looking back at the “war on terror’s” visual culture’ On Landscape Ontology: An Interview with … Continue reading

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