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Terrains and Territories – Stuart Elden and Nico Buitendag discussion at Undisciplined

Terrains and Territories – Stuart Elden and Nico Buitendag discussion at Undisciplined Many thanks to Nico for this invitation, and for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on nearly everything I’ve worked on. This is part of a series of discussions … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 20: Paris, some cautions and future work

It’s been steady progress in the last part of summer on the manuscript of The Early Foucault. I had a few days in Paris in mid-September, where I did my usual pattern of working in the Richelieu site of the Bibliothèque Nationale … Continue reading

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The Early Foucault Update 15: Working on Maladie mentale et personnalité and some archival and library work in Paris

Earlier this month I finished working through Maladie mentale et personnalité, which I discussed beginning in the last update, and have drafted a substantial section analyzing the book. I imagine I can only use a fraction of the quotes I … Continue reading

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The differences between the English and French versions of Foucault’s 1983 interview on Raymond Roussel

As an appendix to the English translation of Foucault’s book on Raymond Roussel, entitled Death and the Labyrinth, there is an interview with the translator Charles Ruas. It’s a revealing interview in many ways, but the particular interest I have … Continue reading

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‘No Posthumous Publications’ – responses to some questions about Foucault and the future publication of the History of Sexuality Vol IV

In the German interview with Daniel Defert I linked to earlier this week, it was revealed that the fourth volume of Foucault’s History of Sexuality will eventually be published. This is my attempt at answering some of the common questions – some I’ve received … Continue reading

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Daniel Defert interview in German – History of Sexuality IV, Les aveux de la chair, will be published

There is an interview with Daniel Defert in German here, in which he discusses Foucault’s life and work, Adorno, May 68 and political activism, the AIDES group he founded after his death, the lecture courses and the material sold to … Continue reading

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