Writing and Publishing posts and links

A list of some of the posts about writing and publishing from this blog. It’s followed by some links I’ve previously shared which may still be useful. If I say something about someone else’s advice, or aggregate a number of links, I’ve linked to my post, but some take you direct to the original. At the moment I’ve only gone back through the archive to early 2013, but may go further back at some point.

The standard disclaimer – people work in different ways, and no one system or suggestion will suit everyone. But there might be some things in here which are useful for others.

Discussions or pieces to which I contribute

Journal peer review is increasingly challenged – there are no easy solutions, but here’s a few thoughts (October 2021)

Things to do and check when putting together a book or thesis manuscript (May 2018)

Jo van Every on ‘using all three types of writing time’, and some thoughts (August 2017)

Why you should double-check references… (July 2017)

Can you have too much writing time? – some discussion at Explorations of Style (April 2017)

Why I prioritise writing books over articles, even in an era of research assessment (March 2017) – this has quite a bit of discussion in comments, and see the follow-up post here.

Why do so many academics publish in unreadable outlets? (June 2016)

What happens after a book manuscript goes into production?

What counts as academic writing? (March 2016)

You can’t polish a turd, but you can edit one – the importance of early drafting (Feb 2016)

Eleven thoughts on reading and citing (Oct 2015)

My sabbatical rules for writing (Sept 2015)

Theory and Other Languages at E-IR (July 2015)

How we Write – open access collection edited by Suzanne Conklin Akbari: thirteen essays on academic writing (Punctum books) (Sept 2015)

Geography blogs – a list, and a discussion of ‘why blog?’ (June 2015)

Editing Henri Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy – doing his endnotes properly

The work of editing – adding references to translations (June 2014) and a little more here

Five apps I find really useful for my writing and blogging (May 2014)

Creating a writing space – #whereiwrite (Feb 2014)

On writing books (April 2013)


What matters isn’t your writing software, it’s your file structures (sorry!)(Research Degree Insiders)

Jo van Every, About the Short Guides Series – an introduction to her series of books about academic writing and publishing

Robert Mening, How to create a website

LSE posts – Writing for Research

Veronika Cheplygina, ‘7 things I’m glad I did during my PhD’ and ‘7 things I wish I had done during my PhD’

Amitava Kumar and V.S. Naipal – Rules for Writing

Academics’ top tips for publishing success in The Times Higher Education

Academic Muse – advice from Alan Klima

Academic Writing – a few links

Christopher Watkin’s Research Hacks

Walter Benjamin’s thirteen rules for writing

“Remember a condition of academic writing is that we expose ourselves to critique” – 15 steps to revising journal articles

Wyl Menmuir, ‘How to finish a novel: tracking a book’s progress from idea to completion’, The Guardian

Jo VanEvery – A Scholarly Writing Guide (short, cheap ebook)

Three useful pieces of writing and other academic advice

The importance of being REF-able: academic writing under pressure from a culture of counting at the LSE blog

Raul Pacheco-Vega’s research resources

The Slow Professor movement: reclaiming the intellectual life of the university

A roundup of posts on time management etc.

Christopher Watkins on research strategies and writing

“Remember a condition of academic writing is that we expose ourselves to critique” – 15 steps to revising journal articles – useful advice from the LSE blog.

Notes on Academic Productivity at OrgTheory (Jan 2017)

Some of the best advice I’ve read on being productive in publishing – plus a University Press editor comment; and an academic response(Nov 2016)

Alistair Fraser on ‘Writing a book’ (Sept 2016)

Simon Batterbury’s list of OA journals in geography, political ecology, and various social sciences (updated July 2016)

Three linked posts on peer review delays – the role of editors, of reviewers, and authors (June 2016)

Three interesting pieces on work patterns – one on how to work alone (99u), one on what can actually be done in the academic summer (Daily Nous); and on making a realistic plan (Jo VanEvery) – (June 2016)

David Beer, In defence of writing book reviews (April 2016)

Interviews about writing – in the Chronicle of Higher Education (March 2016)

Workload survival guide for academics – advice in the Times Higher Education (Feb 2016)

Useful resources for academic writers (Dec 2015)

How to give a conference paper – some excellent advice to read and share from Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn (Oct 2015)

W.G. Sebald’s tips for writing – from his final fiction workshop (May 2015)

Academic book publishing advice by publisher editors at Daily Nous (May 2015)

Seven upgrade strategies for a problematic article or chapter (March 2015)

The Mechanics of Research Production – some interesting writing discussion and advice at Daily Nous (Feb 2015)

Mary Beard discusses ‘How to write‘ in the TLS (Jan 2015).

How to get published in an academic journal: top tips from editors‘ – The Guardian; and also pieces on overcoming writer’s block and other topics (Jan 2015)

Two posts on writing at The Sociological Imagination and An und für sich (July 2015)

Publishing resources for early career academics from Palgrave (July 2015)

A Realistic Summer Writing Schedule‘ from The Chronicle Vitae (June 2015)

Tips for finishing a PhD from The Guardian (Aug 2014)

Adam Kotsko on ‘The experience of translating‘ (Aug 2014)

Rob Kitchin – Writing for impact: how to craft papers that will be cited

David Scott Kastan on “the frustrations and the pleasures of editing” (June 2014) 

David Farrell Krell on reading, translating and citing (March 2014)

Two useful pieces on writing dissertations and publishing books (March 2014)

Mary Beard on ‘the damn footnotes’ (here and here) (August 2013)

Edited collections may still have much to offer academics in the humanities and social sciences – LSE blog

John Steinbeck’s 6 tips for writing (March 2013)

Jo VanEvery on book proposals (Feb 2013)